Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

I had big plans for a beautiful, heartwarming blog post all about gratitude and love and the holiday season…but then, late last night, we discovered our family is being hit with pink eye, head lice and an ear infection simultaneously! Merry merry! Anyway, I am grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and worked with this year, and for the flexibility that this job gives me to tend to hours of sheet washing, nit picking, eye drop distributing and urgent care waiting rooms.

Happy Holidays!
In all seriousness, before this self-employed life, situations like this were entirely more stressful. And without all of my amazing clients, friends and colleagues, I wouldn’t still be self-employed. The first year in business is a pretty big deal, and to have done well enough to simply keep going is a gift! So thank you! And I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

(Watch me talk about these costume ideas on Better Kansas City by clicking here and here!)

DIY Halloween Costume

You guys, I love Halloween. Wait, let me put that in all caps…YOU GUYS, I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It’s my favorite holiday, and every year as the weather turns crisp and everything is pumpkin spice scented or flavored, I start to get excited to celebrate. There’s just something so magical about getting to pretend you’re someone else for a night AND getting to stuff your face full of mini Kit-Kat bars without judgement.

While I wouldn’t consider myself any sort of “do it yourself” (aka DIY) expert, when Halloween rolls around I often find myself in the position of being a DIY’er by force. This is because my kids have very expensive Halloween costume taste. They want the most elaborate, insane costumes, often begging, pleading and saving up their own money until they get what they want. Or, let’s face it, sometimes they pull out the big guns and beg Grandma.

DIY Halloween Costumes

However, almost every time, once Halloween actually arrives, the aforementioned insane, expensive, elaborate costume isn’t as amazing as expected. In fact, it’s usually itchy and uncomfortable. Maybe it’s too hot or too cold, but more than once (or twice!) I’ve found myself with kids on Halloween night that absolutely do not want to wear their planned costume. So then what?

Well, if you’re me, you get on Pinterest and find the easiest, most fun DIY costumes you can…and get it done! I don’t want to spend a ton of money, and I’d be happiest if we could pull something together from items we already have around the house. I also want to involve my kids, since it’s their Halloween costume! So this past weekend, in preparation for my favorite holiday coming up in a few weeks, we put together some of the best DIY costumes from around the web! If you’d like more details on how to make these yourself, click on the title of the costume below the image for additional directions! Happy haunting!

DIY Halloween Ninja Turtle

DIY Ninja Turtle Costume I will admit, I didn’t go as all out as the original person who posted this design, but we pulled it together with some items from around the house (a sword and mask from other dress up stuff). The biggest DIY part was spray painting a roasting pan green and attaching the belt to the pan. This is definitely not a costume that lasts forever (the pan was chipped right away after my four-year-old yanked it off when we were done), but it definitely works in a pinch! Click here for additional instructions on how to make this costume.

DIY Halloween Unicorn

DIY Unicorn Costume This one did require a little more crafting than I usually take on…but it was so adorable, I’m glad we went for it! All you need is an old hoodie, felt in whatever colors you want to use, a styrophome cone (purchased at a craft store), an old headband, some pins/safety pins and a glue gun (or gorilla glue if you’re me and you can’t find your glue gun). Click here for additional instructions on how to make this costume.

DIY Halloween Superman

DIY Clark Kent as Superman Costume – This one is so easy! Just grab an old Superman t-shirt, a dress shirt and pants, and a pair of glasses and you are good to go! No purchases necessary for this one, and it might be my favorite.

DIY Halloween Taylor Swift

DIY Taylor Swift – This was a last minute addition to our costume list, but I sort of love it! We wanted something that we could put together easily from my daughter’s own closet without spending a dime. She’s a huge Taylor Swift fan and has been taking guitar lessons for about a year, so we decided to put together an easy Taylor costume. All you need is a sundress, boots and a little red lipstick! Sidenote: My daughter pointed out that “Taylor Swift is a pop singer now, MOM!” However, her pop singer shorty shorts and crop tops are not what I want my kid wearing on Halloween, so we decided to go for an old school Taylor instead.

DIY Halloween Baseball Player

DIY Royals Baseball Player – This one is another that you can pull fairly easily from your kid’s closet without spending extra money. Just grab some baseball pants, a Royals jersey (or one from your own hometown team), a hat and a bat…and you’re done! You can do this with any team or any sport. Got a kid who loves soccer? Put them in their shinguards and a Sporting KC (or other applicable team) jersey. The same goes for football, basketball or any other sport. When my son was two-years-old he refused to wear his costume come Halloween night, so we put him in his Jayhawk warm-ups and he carried around a tiny basketball. It worked out perfectly!

DIY Halloween Rocket Pack

DIY Rocket PackI actually saw these on a friend’s Snapchat, and thought they were so adorable! I ended up finding a tutorial online via Doodlecraft, but I dumbed it down a little more for myself. Instead of felt, we just used red streamers and some leftover gold Christmas ribbon to make the flames. This one definitely needs to be made ahead of time, as we tried using it too early and our rockets fell right off. Give the glue some time to set, and if they just won’t stick, some silver duct tape works just as well! Click here for additional instructions on how to make this costume.

DIY Halloween Butterfly

DIY Butterfly Costume –
This costume is great if you have a kid who doesn’t want a lot of fuss, but still wants to participate in the fun of Halloween. Take a scarf from your own closet and tie it in the middle. Have your child wear a leotard (whatever color they’d like) and tights or leggings. You can pin the middle of the scarf to the back of the leotard, or leave it loose, depending on your child’s comfort. Have them either hold the ends of the scarf, or you can attach loops so they can slip them over their wrists. For a little extra flair, add some face paint in fun colors or sparkles or you can have your child wear a mask they decorate themselves!

DIY Halloween Jellyfish

DIY Halloween Jellyfish Costume This adorable idea came directly from a friend of my daughter’s who wore this last year. The photos really don’t do it justice, as it looks so awesome in person! Dress your child in all white (obviously that didn’t happen for our little photoshoot, but I think it helps the effect of the costume) and grab a clear, plastic umbrella from your local Target or Wal-Mart (or order online). Scotch tape ribbons to the inside of the umbrella. You can use all one color or mix it up! And you’re done! For some extra pop, add glow sticks to the inside of the umbrella to light up your jellyfish at night. Or you can use battery powered holiday lights…but I prefer glow sticks, as they are much lighter and easier for your child to carry around. Click here for additional instructions on how to create this costume.


There you have it! A few great ideas for a DIY Halloween that won’t break the bank or have you cursing at your sewing machine. Not that I’ve ever actually retrieved my sewing machine from the basement…but that’s another blog post. Happy Halloween, everyone! May your mini Kit-Kats be plenty!

Sunflower Fields Kansas City Photographer

Sunflower Fields Forever

There is a little spot in the Kansas City area that is completely breathtaking for a few weeks in the late summer and early fall. This amazing sunflower field west of the city blooms every year for about two weeks, and provides gorgeous views that evoke everything I love about living in Kansas. It’s picture perfect, and I knew we had to see it for ourselves!

Sunflower Fields Kansas City Photographer

Now, I’m not gonna lie…the kids were a little underwhelmed with the whole idea of driving out to a field in the middle of nowhere. At this point, they are used to my crazy antics, so they don’t ask too many questions, but after a long day of school and activities, they were more excited to get home to their toys and games than to frolic around in a sunflower field. But as soon as we pulled up, their jaws dropped and their eyes brightened.

Sunflower Fields Kansas City Photographer

They ran through the sunflowers together, playing hide and seek with a few other kids who they found deep within the field. I found myself yelling for them to stay close…the sunflowers were almost taller than me, and I kept losing them within the green stalks. Tate would pop out from behind me, yelling “I’m right here mama, ‘es okay!” I heard Lulu giggle as she attempted to hide, shaking the flowers above her head, giving away her precious secret spot.

Sunflower Fields Kansas City Photographer

As I snapped away at the endless rows of yellow, Tate asked to borrow my phone so he could take some photos of his own. When I was finished, Lucy climbed up on the step ladder I had brought along, and framed her scene. It was so amazing watching them mimic my mannerisms, leaning down, looking for different angles, biting their lips as they shot image after image. Sometimes I forget they are watching when I’m working…I don’t remember that the things I do will be burned in their memories forever. They may not remember exact details, but they will bite their lip as they shoot an image, and that comes from me. They may grimace when I ask them if I can shoot some photos of them, but they smile and squeal with glee when I let them shoot images of me. They can tell I love what I do, and it’s such a privilege for me to get to show them what passion, drive and hard work looks like.

Sunflower Fields Kansas City Photographer

This amazing location will only be in bloom for a few weeks, so if you are interested in booking your photo session with this incredible background, please contact me ASAP at megan@crazybananas.com!

Back to School


The day is FINALLY here! Today Tate went back to preschool (it’s only a two-hour first day back, but I’ll take it!) and Lucy has been in school for about two weeks now. While I’m thrilled to get back to our normal daily routine, there are definitely some challenges getting back into the grind. I recently wrote a post on this very topic for Addiction.com. While you might think, “I’m not in recovery, this doesn’t apply to me,” I believe many of the ideas I stress in my recovery are applicable for any mom, anywhere. We aren’t that different, you know?

Back to School

I would get caught up in the “Parenting Olympics,” trying to be everywhere and everything to everyone. It was an impossible task, but one that even “normie” parents (those who aren’t in recovery) get caught up in. Our schools are super-competitive, and it’s easy to believe that if your kid isn’t enrolled in every activity or sport, they will fall behind. For me, 90% of what I did and felt was driven by insecurity. I wanted to be the best mom in the world and I assumed that if my kid wasn’t the star of everything, I was a failure. It was a hopeless cycle, for myself and my family.

These days, I work very hard to make sure I don’t get caught up in competitive parenting. I’m quite lucky, because once I got into recovery and opened my eyes, I realized my school community is extremely supportive and not nearly as competitive as I had thought. Turns out, a lot of my insecurities were inside my own head and had nothing to do with my child or any of her buddies. Once I realized that I am a good mother regardless of whether my kid is the star of the soccer team or on the honor roll, my entire perspective changed. Back to school season became less about “me me me” and more about my child.

You can read more, including some tips on how I’m managing to keep things simple this school year, over at Addiction.com.

A Note From the Trenches of Motherhood

Oh, hey there friends! Is everyone doing okay? Keeping your heads above water?

Sunday Morning Project

The last few weeks have been overwhelming and awesome. There are days when I am so, so grateful to have a flexible work life so I can be with my kids when they need me, and days when all I want to do is drop them off at daycare and run out the door. These few weeks at the end of summer are always challenging, as our summer babysitter heads back to college, but my kids don’t yet head back to school. This year was doubly challenging because we had gone on an amazing vacation, so the work had piled up while we were away, just in time for me to be a full time mama again. Yes, I realize these are ridiculous problems (oh no, too much work AND an amazing vacation…poor me!), but they are problematic nonetheless. I realized pretty early into this three week period, I would have to suck it up, and some things would have to fall through the cracks. Things like this blog.

Now, I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for me to not be able to find time to blog (please see note above about ridiculous problems). This very summer I taught a blogging workshop for creatives where I proclaimed bloggers MUST BE CONSISTENT! BLOG ON A REGULAR SCHEDULE! USE YOUR EDITORIAL CALENDAR! PLAN AHEAD!


While I still believe all of those things wholeheartedly, I also believe a person’s health and well-being are more important than a consistent blogging schedule. Also, when I’m stressed I get insane writer’s block. I’ve learned that trying to force it when I am blocked just doesn’t work, so this time around, I decided to let it go. I still had writing deadlines for some of my freelance jobs, plus photo sessions to edit and new projects to plan. My coveted screen time had to be reserved for those priorities, and so the blog sat quietly.

But that’s the thing I’ve learned about blogging in the past 11 years…no matter what, the blog is always there. In previous years it’s sat dormant for over a month before I could write, and it didn’t disappear. These days I’m lucky to have an amazing social media following, so I can still connect with my readers and followers, even if I don’t have the time or energy to devote to a full blog post. In fact, some of my favorite projects have been created during these types of dry spells. Just this morning I woke up inspired and decided to create a new photo series called the “Sunday Morning Project.” Will it be amazing? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just an idea that will fade. I don’t know. All I know is that my head is currently above water, and within the next week, both of my kids will be back in school. So for now, there’s just one thing to do….

…just keep swimming.

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