Never Not Grateful is a podcast about how to find gratitude and make it a daily practice in your life. We will explore how people from all walks of life use gratitude in order to make the world a better place, both personally and globally.

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Episode 1 – Why Gratitude? 

It’s the first official episode of Never Not Grateful! In today’s episode, you’ll meet your host, Megan Peters, a photographer, writer, mother and former gratitude skeptic. Megan shares how her journey led her to using a gratitude practice to make her life a little better every day. You’ll also learn how this podcast will explore gratitude through stories from women in all walks of life.

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Episode 2 – Five Tips to Get Started with Gratitude

Cultivating a robust gratitude practice can be an overwhelming endeavor. So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips to get started! Here are links to some of the items mentioned in this podcast:

How to Bullet Journal –

Megan’s Bullet Journal –

Megan’s Gratitude Playlist (on Spotify) –

Awesome with Alison Podcast –

Awesome with Alison Free Gratitude Practice –

Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips –

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Episode 3 – Gratitude and Service

It’s our first interview! Today Megan chats with Christina, a mom, concert cellist and member of her gratitude group. Christina shares how she discovered a daily gratitude practice and how she uses gratitude in her daily life. As the matriarch of a blended family, Christina explains the ways being grateful helps her on the journey of motherhood and step-motherhood. She also talks about how she finds being of service to others as the ultimate way to manifest gratitude. You’ll want to take notes while listening to this one, because there is so much wisdom here!

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Episode 4 – Interview with Author Dana Bowman

Megan interviews author and blogger Dana Bowman about her gratitude practice. Dana shares some of her biggest challenges and how sustaining gratitude has helped her through tough times. We also address when gratitude doesn’t make us feel better right away.

Mentioned in this episode….

Dana’s Books:
How to Be Perfect Like Me –
Bottled: A Mom’s Guide to Early Recovery –

Dana’s Today Show Segment –

Find Dana online at

More info about “morning pages” via The Artist’s Way –

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Episode 5 – Gratitude in Times of Overwhelm

In this solo episode, Megan shares some issues of overwhelm that have been particularly debilitating. She addresses the current political news cycle, and how she has been dealing with the emotional, physical and mental strain of seeing the daily headlines, particularly on social media where friends and colleagues have been sharing stories of survival from sexual assault. Megan shares her tips for re-centering in gratitude in a time of overwhelm, and how she is coping by learning hard on her own gratitude practice. This episode is perfect for anyone in a phase of life where they feel run down, exhausted or defeated.

We have a Gratitude Hotline! Please call 913-717-7936 to leave Megan a message with your gratitude list. These will be featured on a special episode of Never Not Grateful!

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Episode 6 – Abundance vs Scarcity

his episode features an interview with Tanya Bennett, and it is full of wisdom and real life examples of how a gratitude practice can completely change your life. Tayna shares how growing up in a traumatic home situation led her to living life in scarcity. She never felt like she had enough, and was constantly needing more, more, more. Tayna talks about the moment that changed her mindset, and how constantly striving to live in abundance and gratitude has led to positive outcomes in her life.

“You have to start focusing on starting from a place of abundance, and in order to focus on abundance, you have to be grateful for what you have. The more I practiced gratitude, the more abundance came into my life.” – Tayna Bennett

Mentioned in this podcast:

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
The Unteathered Soul by Michael Singer
Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations Podcast

We have a Gratitude Hotline! Please call 913-717-7936 to leave Megan a message with your gratitude list. These will be featured on a special episode of Never Not Grateful!

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