Eight and Some Change


There is something very strange about having a daughter. When you’re young, you strive for independence, to be your own person, someone who is separate from everyone and everything else. You pride yourself on your “you-ness.” You are unique, you are special, there is no one like you….and then you have a daughter.



All at once you see yourself reflected back, but it’s not so much like a mirror as it is a pond or a window. The reflection is there, but slightly different, like someone took the “you-ness” you’re so proud of and rearranged it to make a whole new being. And this new being is a lot like you. She has your eyes and your smile and your clumsy way of falling down by tripping on nothing but your own two feet. On the other hand, she’s nothing like you. She’s methodical and creative in a way you could only dream of being. She’s silly and quirky, living in that stage in between caring so very much what others think and not caring at all. She loves video games, which you despise. She likes to build things, whereas you can’t even seem to put together a Lego tower without being mired in frustration.


She is like you. But different. She’s more like herself.


And at eight years old and some change, her “her-ness” is taking over. Every day you see less and less of yourself in her face, and more and more of her. I guess that’s normal, for her to follow the same path as girls have throughout history, the path you yourself followed not so long ago. She will strive to be independent, to be her own person, someone who is separate from everyone and everything else, ESPECIALLY her mother.



But that’s part of the wonder of it all. I don’t get to have a miniature version of myself, instead I get to witness the creation of this whole new person. She is someone I’m grateful to watch grow. I watch her fall, get up, succeed, fail, laugh, cry, learn and change. She is teaching me more than I’m teaching her. And that’s the gift.



(This week I’m featuring some incredible images taking of my family by Christina Gepner of Soul Studios in Kansas City. If you’re looking for an incredible family/lifestyle photographer, Christina is amazing!)

Crazybananas Vlog – Blogger Burnout

It may have taken a little time, but the second Crazybananas Vlog is here! Hooray! Today I’m talking all about Blogger Burnout, a topic I know very well. I have been blogging for 10 years, and like everything in life, my blogging has gone in cycles. At one point I was posting daily, now it’s more like once a week. I used to use editorial calendars and did lots of sponsored posts, now blogging is more organic for me.

How do you avoid blogger burnout? If you’re a creative person, how do you get over that horrible mind block? Please leave your advice and questions in the comments. I’d LOVE to hear them!

Three and Three-Quarters


Yesterday we were driving in the rain when he let out a big, dramatic sigh.

“Mama, I’m sad.”

“Why are you sad, buddy?”

(another big sigh) “Because we never, EVER get to go to space!”


“Space! You know, up there!” (points to the sky)

“Well, dude, I wish we could go, but we don’t have a rocket.”

“I know! Let’s just go to the rocket store! That’d be a good idea?”


Tate at almost four-years-old is my favorite. Sure, I’m biased and sure, I say the same thing at every, single age. But this time it’s true. At three and three-quarters, Tate is a silly, stubborn caricature of himself. I could not love this little imp more. He loves cars, trucks and airplanes. He is very upset we don’t take daily trips to the water park in October and all of his hair-brained schemes are followed with the statement, “That’d be a good idea?”


Tate is obsessed with counting and sorting, constantly putting everything in it’s place, even if he believes it’s place is right on my face. He wakes up every morning with an enthusiastic, “Good morning, mama! I sleep all night!” While I appreciate his joy, that’s usually not the truth, as he still wakes up fairly often during the night needing to go to the bathroom/get a drink/tell me he loves me/yell at the dog. He always seems to forget about it in the morning, and when I gently remind him, he looks thoughtful for a minute, like he’s trying to decide whether I’m just hoarding all the sticker chart prizes for myself.


This little man is three parts independent, two parts mama’s boy, and I feel the tides changing. Every day he becomes more of himself and less of me. He rides his bike like the big kids and wants to do everything by himself. He falls down and rarely needs a kiss or hug, mostly jumping back up, ready to try again.


Today, I’m savoring three and three-quarters, with all it’s big plans and obscure references. It’s pretty much the best.


(This week I’m featuring some incredible images taking of my family by Christina Gepner of Soul Studios in Kansas City. If you’re looking for an incredible family/lifestyle photographer, Christina is amazing!)

When Life Is Crazy (Fun)

When life is so fun and busy and silly that you don’t have time to blog, all you can do is post a few snaps from your phone and hope the joy shines through! I’m supposedly getting a new iPhone soon to replace my old iPhone 4, and I CANNOT WAIT to use it’s fancy new camera. The Crazybananas Instagram is about to get even busier! But before I say goodbye, here are some snaps with my old buddy from the last few weeks. Life is good, you guys!

They decided to make Halloween decorations #halloween #october #crafty #kids

Teddy does fall. #teddygram #instateddy #puppy #rottie #dog #fall #autumn #leaves

No schooooolllll!!!! So we went to the zoooooo!!!! #kczoo #buddies #bridge #microfashion #lovethem

The view from my bike ❤️ #bike #family #sundayfunday #together #love

Batter up!!! #tateandkel #baseball #boys #buddies

Not following the safety instructions...thank goodness. #kids #fun #swing #upsidedown #peace #daredevils

It's rodeo field trip day at school! Lulu is so pumped! #cowgirl #boots #rodeo #americanroyal #kc #smsd

Uncle Scott AND Papa Lee are here?! Well these kids are having a pretty good day, aren't they? #family #love #grindersstonewall

They got me an ice cream cake ❤️ #happybirthday

Scouted around for mini shoot locations today, and we have a winner!!! #shawneemissionpark #fall #photographer #kcphotographer #kc #kansascity

Early morning foggy bike ride with the boy in the red striped jammies. #toofast #blur #bike #tater

Guess who surprised us at Lulu's soccer game! Brooklyn!!! Hooray! #cousins #love #family

This has been a three year process with our sensitive girl, but we're getting soooo close! #dad #daughter #bike #ride #yay

She speaks penguin  #kc #kczoo #penguin #penguinpower #futurezookeeper

No school today, a nearly empty zoo and someone's favorite carousel animal was free! I'd give today an A+! #kc #kczoo #carousel #elephant #tater

They just dumped a giant crate of apples into the mill and it was AMAZING! #louisburgcidermill #kansas #fall #apples

I cannot believe my little nuggets are 14 today!!! Happy golden birthday to three of the most awesome people I've had the pleasure of knowing! I am so lucky to be your Aunt ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for always pretending to laugh at my bad jokes  I love you! #goldenb

On the trail with my favorite little man ❤️ #love #fall #bike

I get to share my birthday with my puppy! Fun, huh? Theodore Roosevelt Peters turned 1 year old today! He likes eating Lucy's stuffed animals, digging holes in the backyard, and long belly rubs. We're so lucky he's part of our crazy family! We waited a lo

Spying on my boys at the bookstore... ❤️ #love #reading

Where Are My Favorite Facebook Posts?

A few weeks ago a friend and I were chatting and she mentioned she’d missed seeing my Crazybananas Fan Page updates on Facebook. Well, imagine my surprise, because I have been posting to Facebook more often then this here blog. Whoops. But somehow she hadn’t seen any of it, which is a huge bummer because I’m super-hilarious on Facebook. Trust me!

Well, as Facebook tends to do, it has changed up it’s algorithm so the only way you’ll see posts from your favorite fan pages in your newsfeed is if you interact with those posts (meaning liking or commenting). Unfortunately, unless you’re consistently interacting, the posts are removed from your newsfeed. They are still out there, but you won’t see them. Boo! The whole thing is dumb because if you can’t see the posts to begin with, you aren’t able to click on them, therefore you’ll be even less likely to see them. The algorithm works great for giant fan pages with thousands or millions of followers, but for little ole’ pages like mine, it’s bad news bears. We get lost in the shuffle.

But there is a SOLUTION! Yay! If there is a page you’ve been missing out on, go ahead and click on the direct link to their Facebook page (click here for the Crazybananas page), and then click on the the button where you “Like” the page. There will be a drop down menu where you can click “Get Notifications.” Click it!

CB Facebook Fave copy

Now your favorite fan pages’ updates will show up in your notifications tab, the same place where you get updates when someone comments on a photo or post of your own. You’re welcome!

Crazybananas…solving the world’s problems one Facebook glitch at a time.

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