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2016 Mini Sessions

2016 Photo Challenge Mini Sessions

A few years ago, when I decided to take my photography business…
Better Kansas City September 2016

Tips to Save Your Sanity in the Morning

Recently I was invited back to the Better Kansas City show…
Tate First Day of Kindergarten

Saving Money and My Sanity with Groupon Coupons

Anyone who has met me knows I'm not a big shopper...I just find…
Baby Safe Cleaning Products

Daily Safety Tips for Parents : National Baby Safety Month

In honor of National Baby Safety Month, I was asked to share…
Love Warrior

CB Reads : Love Warrior

A few weeks ago I posted about some things in my life that were…


“I don’t read any blogs. Except for this one! Megan is the only person I know who writes a fun blog like this and I really like her writing style. It is refreshing and enjoyable. She also comes up with somethings that are interesting and thought provoking.”

“Megan’s honesty and creativity. Truly a great human being with lots of things I can relate to and who is somewhere in her life that I am too…focusing your life in doing the things you love and make you happy!”

“I enjoy your “voice” and positive attitude. I like that you are real and transparent but not “holier than thou” or a whiner. You are thankful for what you have and are always looking for ways to grow.”

“It is a refreshing view of the world: hard things, simple things, and the things that just make you smile. A beautiful blog.”

“I love Megan’s writing style! She is witty and insightful and honest.”