Welcome Charley Paige!

I feel like life has been full of amazing and joyful moments lately, I’m often overwhelmed by all the goodness in my life. And this DEFINITELY falls under the category of GOODNESS! In January, we were blessed with the birth of our brand new niece, Charley Paige. Have I mentioned how much I love being an aunt? Because it is simply the best. I became an aunt for the first time 18 years ago, but I still get a happy feeling in my heart when I think of a new niece or nephew to love on.

I’ve taken a bit of a break from family portraiture, but I couldn’t resist sneaking off to Western Kansas to photograph the newest addition to our family and shoot some video as well. I loved being able to capture these moments with sweet Charley, who has already changed so much since we took these images! It’s incredible how fast these little people change and grow, and I think it’s so important to capture these fleeting moments if we can. Because we all know that with a new baby in the house, we’d never remember them otherwise!

I’m so excited to see my in-laws, Ashley and Adrian, take on parenting for the first time! It’s such a beautiful, messy, fun, exhausting ride, and they are just at the beginning. So much love and laughter is in their future, I can’t help but smile every time I think of it!

If you’re interested in capturing family or newborn images on film or in video form, sent me a note at megan@crazybananas.com for more information…I’d love to work with you!

Holiday Photo Tips

Five Tips for Photographing Your Holidays

Is it just me, or did this year fly by? I feel like I just took down our Christmas tree and packed away our Menorah, and yet, it’s time to pull everything out again! I have to admit, while I tend to be a bit Grinchy in general, I am one of those dorks that just LOVES the holidays. I put my tree up early and I am UNASHAMED! My favorite part of the day is waking up early in the morning for some quiet time before the rest of the house wakes up and reading/journaling in front of the Christmas tree. I light candles, snuggle up in a warm blanket, and basically totally embody the Danish word “hygge.” Comfort, warmth, togetherness…to me, that’s what the holidays are all about.

Holiday Photo Tips

The holidays give us the perfect chance to bust out our cameras and take some beautiful photos of our lives. In fact, after my Summer Photo Challenge last year, the number one request I received was to do a Holiday Photo Challenge (keep an eye out during the 2018 holiday season…a challenge is in the works!). While a full challenge couldn’t happen this year, I did want to share some of my top tips for snapping great images over your holiday. It’s easier than you think!

1. Bust Out the Big Camera – If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know my general rule for photography gear is “use whatever you’ve got with you.” I don’t think anyone needs to spend a ton of money on gear to take beautiful photos, however, if you HAVE a nice camera that’s gathering dust, this is the time to get it out! During the holidays there are a lot of low light situations (candlelight on the face, your little one gazing up at the Christmas tree, etc.) and most of the time, a cell phone camera won’t due that justice.

Holiday Photo Tips

2. Look for the Light – This is a tip I use year-round, but in December, it’s even more important. Natural light is much harder to come by, since the days are shorter, but you can still find pockets of light everywhere. Like I mentioned above, use the abundance of soft light from candles and holiday lights to your advantage. Gather around the fireplace and watch the shadows dance across your children’s faces. Find inspiration in the light around you.

3. Put on Your Coat, And Go Outside! – I know, it’s cold. But trust me, it will be worth it! The natural light in the winter always feels like magic to me, doubly so if there is snow on the ground. If you’re trying to capture falling snow, make sure you are not shooting into direct sunlight, or it will be washed out of the frame. Even if the landscape seems dreary and grey, you can take an interesting image by focusing on a bright hat or coat on your subject.

Holiday Photo Tips

4. Look for Real Moments – It’s easy to want to pose everyone perfectly for the quintessential holiday portrait, but candid moments are just as beautiful, and can sometimes be more memorable. When your family gets together, focus on the moments, and try to capture them. If it’s a little blurry or the light is weird…who cares?! You’ll be so grateful you have an image of grandpa reading the Christmas story or your aunt baking cookies with the kids. Don’t get caught up in capturing perfection, and instead find the beauty in the imperfections.

Holiday Photo Tips

5. Get in Front of the Camera – I am as guilty of this as anybody, but it’s super-important that if you are the photographer in the family, you make a point to get in the photos as well. There have been holidays where you can’t even tell I was there, even though I was the main director of all of the fun, because I was so busy taking photos of everyone else, I wasn’t in any myself! Hand over your camera or phone to a relative and ask them to snap some images of you with your kids by the tree. Put the camera on a self timer (here is how you can do that on an iPhone) or use a remote trigger (did you know your Apple headphones double as a remote trigger for your phone camera?). Again, don’t worry about making it perfect, odds are it may be out of focus or not a technical dream. Just make sure you are a part of the picture, not just an observer.

Holiday Photo Tips

I hope this helps you get set to take some amazing holiday photos this year. And if you’re interested in learning how to use your big, fancy camera a little better OR if you get one for the holidays as a gift (fingers crossed!), make sure you sign up for the Crazy Bananas newsletter! In 2018, I’m going to be offering some camera workshops for beginners, and I want you to be the first to know so you don’t miss signing up!

When People Show Up for You

A few days ago I held my First Fridays photography exhibition to benefit refugees, with all proceeds donated to Bê Sînor – Sinatex Cultural Center in Greece and here at home via the incredible group KC for Refugees. This show has been in the works for months. Last October, when I visited Bê Sînor – Sinatex Cultural Center, I felt the little sparks of an idea. But first I had to process the images. Then the election of 2016 happened. The world changed. Sort of…I mean, to these refugees, the world was basically the same. And as I’m learning (slowly) the world had already been in tatters for so many people, but being a midwestern, white, woman of privilege, I was a bit tone deaf to it all. I had endless hope and idealism. I still do, but it’s different now. Now I recognize the need to re-engage in a world that I’d largely left behind in the past few years. I knew I needed to step back into advocacy.

After the first travel ban (in February) that was instituted by the executive branch of the federal government, which halted all refugee admissions to the country and temporarily barred people from seven Muslim-majority countries to the United States, I volunteered to photograph a local, multi-faith prayer vigil for all refugees. This was led by the group KC for Refugees, and working with them on this project meant the world to me. In the past few months I’ve also spoken at events with Dr. Sofia Kahn, the founder of KC for Refugees, and photographed the one-year anniversary celebration for Syrian refugees who have been resettled in the Kansas City area. Through this work, I realized I wanted to do more. I wanted to be able to raise money for these organizations that have done so much good in the world.

I reached out to the volunteers at Bê Sînor – Sinatex Cultural Center, and asked for them to go through the hundreds of images I’d shot at the camp, and see if there were any that the camp residents would be okay with me sharing publicly. They approved a handful of them, and then I began reaching out to people in the area to see if I could find a venue. I knew hosting a photo exhibition of the images at First Fridays in the Crossroads District was the goal. This is one of the most well-attended events in Kansas City, with all sorts of galleries and makers opening their spaces to artists to share their work. I reached out to a client of mine, Kate Hulsen from Helix Architecture, and asked if they would have any interest in renting out their space for me to host this event. She not only said yes, but informed me that they would donate the space for free. What a huge gift! We picked a date and the planning began.

I pulled out every favor and every marketing/PR trick in the book to make this show a success, including media coverage that spanned from the Kansas City Star, Ink Magazine, Fox 4 Kansas City and a very special segment on Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz on 96.5 The Buzz. But even with all of that, I wasn’t sure if anyone would show up. Free events can be tricky, and this one was happening on a holiday weekend, when there were a ton of other entertainment options happening in the city. We spent Friday setting up, and as the clock ticked closer to 6 p.m., I held my breath a bit.

We were expecting maybe around 60 people total, but as we locked the doors at the end of the night, around 200 people had come through, more than triple what we were hoping! My goodness…it was really incredible. To see people start trickling in, and then realize there were more behind them and even more behind them. It was amazing! At one point I said to a friend, “People came. They came!” And do you know what she said to me?

“Megan, you show up for a lot of people. Of course they would show up for you.”

And then I cried for three hours. Okay, not in the moment, but there were a lot of tears afterward, because it’s true. I do try and show up for people I love and causes that are important to me, and it felt so wonderful to know that people would do the same for something like this. We raised a ton of money, which will be split between Bê Sînor – Sinatex Cultural Center and KC for Refugees, and hopefully a lot of people learned a little something about what life like a refugee is ACTUALLY like and what they can do to help.

There are so many people to thank…it’s hard to know where to start. But it’s worth a try because these people renewed my faith in the goodness of the world, and they deserve to be recognized.

I must share my deepest thanks and gratitude to the residents of Camp Sinatex in Greece and the wonderful volunteers, especially Alex and Andrea, at Bê Sînor – Sinatex Cultural Center. I am so incredibly humbled to have been invited into their world and been able to document all the good that is happening there. These people changed my life in such a significant way, I will be forever grateful.

Of course, there is Kate and the whole crew at Helix Architecture + Design. I am so grateful to have had such a gorgeous space to host this event, and I know that the location and space itself is part of why many people came.

Jenna from J.Lynn Designery created beautiful posters for the event, which garnered so much interest and attention! She is so talented and if you’re looking for a website or logo designer, I can’t recommend her more!

Brooklynn Mieczkowski of Yellow Daisies Kitchen created amazing and delicious sugar cookies for our event, plus some extra treats as well. She also imagined up a cupcake bar, where the kids could decorate their own cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles, for the kids room! She is incredibly creative, and if you ever have any baking needs (she did Lucy’s incredible Harry Potter cake and Tate’s Pac Man cake a few years back), reach out to her!

My friend Gretchen and Brooklynn saved me by working the donation and print sales table all night long! They were the life of the party and I know they are a big part of why we made so much money. I’m so grateful to have friends like them who step up so selflessly to help!

Kymberly Janelle Photography came out with a baby on her back and took beautiful photos for me (most of the ones in this post are by her) so I wouldn’t have to worry about having my camera in tow all night. What a gift! And the images are beautiful!

Afentra and the team at 96.5 The Buzz donated concert tickets that we were able to auction off to raise even more money…it was an unexpected gift and I’m so thankful!

Special thanks to Mandy McKinney from KC for Refugees, Leslie Scott and the team from ONE, and the ladies from Catholic Charities for coming out to share how their work helps refugees in our community.

My mother-in-law did so much, I can’t even fit it all in a blog post! From coming out this summer and putting together concepts for me (the banner overhead was her idea!) to coordinating all the food and drinks, to setting up and tearing down afterward, she was a godsend. Thank you as well to Aunt Connie who helped set up, tear down at the end of the night. Extra special thanks to my husband’s amazing family for driving up a couple of hours to show support!

Of course, so much love to my husband and my kids who have been endlessly supportive (the cupcake bar helped). My goal in all of this is to show my kids that we can do good things in the world regardless of what anyone else may be doing, and I hope they are learning that lesson.

To everyone who showed up this past Friday…friends, family, co-workers, fellow-advocates, politicians, people who just showed up for the cookies…THANK YOU! I am so grateful that so many of you showed up for refugees and opened your hearts and your wallets. I am incredibly thankful!

Finally, to Theresa, who was there in spirit, thank you for inviting me on this journey so many months ago. Thank you for trusting me to do good work in the world. Thank you for all of it.

Travel Diary : Our Western Kansas Road Trip

If you’ve been following my online adventures for the past few years, you’ve heard of our annual trips to Western Kansas for dance camp. They are magic, you guys. I’ve written about them quite a bit, but this time around I wanted to share what it’s really like. I decided to attempt to capture some of our trip on film, and put together a little Travel Diary with some of our adventures. We are so grateful to kick off our summer every year spending time with old friends and indulging in the slower pace of life in the country.

But most of all, this video is a little love letter to my in-laws, who invite us in to their quiet home every year for a week and let us take over their lives! The last part of the video is my favorite, because it truly shows how lucky we are to be a part of this family. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins…this kind of closeness and joy is exactly what I always wished for my children, and I could not be more thankful that it is their reality.

Song Credit: Found A Heart by Emily Hearn (used with permission)

Farm Sunset October 2016

October at the Farm

Autumn is like an extended marathon around here. As the leaves start to change and the weather cools off a bit, our schedules and lives go into overdrive. Work and school and deadlines and sports and events and choir practice and class parties and all of the things start to meld together into one giant pile of “things to do.” Don’t get me wrong, I love fall. It’s by far my favorite season, but sometimes the pace can be a little much.

Farm October 2016

Farm October 2016

So when we had an unexpected open weekend, a part of me wanted to stay in my PJs all day and never leave my house. But the other side (the louder side) was craving clean air and open skies…so I packed up the kids and we headed to the family farm for the weekend. My mother-in-law, who doesn’t usually get visits from us to the farm this time of year, was so excited to have the kids there a few days before Halloween. She organized the cutest activities, from a Halloween scavenger hunt to bobbing for apples and an egg toss.

Farm October 2016

Farm October 2016

The grandparents had evening plans, so the kids and I ended up hanging out together and picking veggies from the garden they helped plant earlier this year. At dusk I somehow convinced them to go on a long walk around the property, and we were rewarded with the most gorgeous sunset! Kansas, I think I like you.

Farm October 2016

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