Sneak Peek : Welcome Baby Zoey!

Kansas City Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. ~ Eda J. Le Shan

Earlier this week I was lucky to be able to spend some time with seven-day-old Zoey and her sweet family. I was so honored to be asked to document this special time for this family. Little Zoey was a dream baby, and her big brother Gavin was a total rockstar. I loved watching him interact with his sister (and getting to chat with him about Transformers, because let’s face it, Optimus Prime is pretty darn awesome!). Thanks to this beautiful family for inviting me into their home and allowing me to spend an afternoon capturing their lives!

Kansas City Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

Kansas City Newborn Baby Portrait Photographer

Surprise Baby Gender Reveal Photos


A few days before Christmas, one of my favorite clients contacted me to ask if I could squeeze in a small shoot last minute. She is pregnant with her third child, and learned she would be able to find out the gender of her little one the week of Christmas. She wanted to be able to share a surprise image with friends and family for the holidays, but to do that, we had to get this shoot done ASAP! In order to keep everything super secret, we shot images of her two young sons displaying both blue and pink items, and then once she had her sonogram, she chose the image to share. It was a super fun way to surprise her loved ones with the news, and she was able to post to social media as well, once her immediate family was in the know. I’m so excited for this sweet family, and know they will have a blast with their new little GIRL arriving this spring!



If you’d like to do a fun gender reveal shoot for your newest addition, please contact me at

Announcing A Fresh Look for Crazybananas

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Hi friends! I have some amazing news to share! If you’ve been hanging around the Crazybananas universe for a while, you may have noticed some upgrades around here lately. I am super-excited to formally announce the redesign of this website! Hooray! It’s alive! It’s alive!

This redesign has been in the works for about a year, but I got a swift kick in the butt late in 2014 when I received feedback from all of my incredible readers. It turns out more than 90% of my readers where viewing Crazybananas on a mobile device…and I didn’t have a working mobile platform for the site! I felt like such a weenie. Here I’d been creating amazing layouts and fun graphics…and no one was seeing them! Argh! This is a lesson for all you bloggers out there. Know your readers! Talk to them, ask for feedback and listen.

My biggest goal for this month was to develop a site that was mobile-friendly, and I’m happy to say, I think I did it! The site is now dynamic and quite pretty on both desktop and mobile platforms. Hopefully this will make the reading experience more fun and pleasant for everyone out there.

Another huge push was to develop the photography section of Crazybananas. You all know I’ve been pursuing the photography side of my business for quite some time, but if you were a newcomer to the blog (or even a daily reader) it was super difficult to find my photography work. So I decided to create a totally separate part of this website that will cater to my photography clients. You can get there by clicking on the menu item labeled “Crazybananas Photography.” From there you can view my portfolio, contact me about booking a shoot, and read blog posts specific to my photography business. This was a labor of love for me, and I can’t tell you what a rush it was to go through all the images I’ve taken in the last five years to put this whole thing together. It’s an incredible feeling to look at your body of work and realize, “Crap, I’m a photographer!” I have spent so much wasted time comparing myself to others and undervaluing my own work, it was wonderful to look at this stack of images and feel not only pride, but a heart full of gratitude. Thank you to those of you who have trusted me to capture your lives in photographs, even in those days when I didn’t know what I was doing. You helped me grow and learn, and I know that I have to you thank for where I am today. I want to give you all big hugs (and we know I’m not really a hugger, so this is a big deal!).

As part of this celebration, I wanted to remind you that until the end of January, I’m running a special for $50 off any newborn or maternity shoot that is booked by the end of the month. Keep in mind, the shoot doesn’t have to be scheduled by the end of January, it can take place anytime before September 1st, 2015. You can read more about it here, and see my Babies + Maternity portfolio by clicking here.

newborn new years special

Thank you again for your support and love! I am overwhelmed, grateful and honestly, feeling a little bit giddy about all of this good stuff right now.

New Year’s Newborn Special!

newborn new years special

Happy New Year, friends! I’m so pumped about the new year, new stuff, new job, new life, and on and on and on. To celebrate, I figured what’s better than a new baby for the new year? I’m offering $50 off any newborn lifestyle photoshoot booked in January. The shoot must take place before September 1, 2015. If you’re interested or just want some more information, please contact me at

Thanks for all the love and support! Let’s do this, 2015!

2014 Mini Shoots…the Conclusion

I’ve finally wrapped up all the work on this year’s Fall Mini Shoots, and I have to say…it was so awesome! In the past, these small shoots have felt overwhelming and stressful for me, but this year it all went so smoothly. I’m not sure if it was due to an amazing group of easy-going families or myself being a little more go with the flow these days, but either way, it was an experience I am so grateful for! To everyone who participated, THANK YOU! You helped me rekindle my love of photography, and especially of photographing families. Thanks for reminding me how lucky I am to do what I do.

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