Through the Looking Glass

Best Fwends (Diana F+)

Kansas (Diana F+)

Sunset (Diana F+)

Trent (Diana F+)

Downtown Council Grove (Diana F+)

All photos taken with my new Diana F+ camera. Still getting the hang of shooting with a plastic camera and 120 film (hello overexposure, how are you!), but enjoying the challenge. Also loving the surprise of finding film you haven’t yet developed, sending it off and getting that big envelope with your prints in the mail. I think I’ve gotten so used to digital shooting, and always seeing what you’ve captured instantaneously, I forgot how fun it is to shoot something and have no idea what you’ve captured on film. The whole point of using a Diana (or a similar camera, like the Holga) is that the beauty is in the imperfections. The light that creeps into shots, random lens flare, they are what make the photos so unique and lovely.

Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself, since almost all of my shots include a nice red flare streak. It’s totally supposed to look like that!

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