One to Remember

On Friday, Lucy and I walked to her school, where she picked me a few weeds flowers for my desk, which I put in a plastic cup. Then Trent, always the overachiever, had these delivered to my office….

Guess what just showed up at my office?!

…and I squealed and smiled and grinned and giggled like I was turning seventeen, instead of twenty-seven.


That evening, I was lucky enough to have a certain friend who refused to let my birthday slip by without celebrating in the company of the loveliest girls on the planet.

My Birthday Dinner

Girls who cannot only look gorgeous, but also indulge the crazy in me….

Crazy Girlies

…and make me drink disgusting shots until I whine, cry and make sad faces….

I always look so confused...

…and who still act like they know me, even after I drop an entire beer on the floor of a bar….



Then, after a day of rest and visits to the petting zoo with some wonderful friends and their kids…a surprise afternoon at an amusement park….


…where I screamed my head off on a patriotic-themed roller coaster (Trent dared me to scream Ooooobbbbaaaaammmmaaaa on the way down, but instead I just stuck with the high-pitched wailing that I’d been doing all day), totally beat Trent at a shooting game where I ended up winning a life-sized yellow monkey, Trent won an acoustic guitar (I know, WTF?) and then we had a caricature done with our prizes….

A girl, a boy, a giant yellow monkey and a guitar.

Guys, I’m pretty at twenty-seven. For reals.


Thank you to everyone for making my day(s) ah-may-zing. I love you all! And you too! And you, who left me a message with my own personal song! And you, who read me a poem on my voicemail! And you, who sent me an ecard saying I was less crazy than Michael Jackson! Even if it’s totally not true.

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