So Many Happy Returns

A few weeks ago I got home after a particularly stressful day at the office, flopped down on my bed, and closed my eyes….right before Lu positioned herself two inches away from my face and started begging for me to carve a pumpkin with her. I told her pumpkin carving was a Daddy job, but as Daddy had to work late that night, she whined and moaned and pouted and begged until I drug myself out of my cocoon and began to carve a tiny pumpkin she’d received at school. We were halfway through the task, scooping the seeds and other yuckiness out of the pumpkin when my left hand started to tingle. The tingle became a burn, and before I knew it, I was snatching my hand back out of the pumpkin and ripping off my antique wedding ring. Underneath where the band had been, a ring of blisters had popped up, looking freakily like a chemical burn.

Apparently something in the metal of my 90 year old ring had reacted with the pumpkin, and in addition to the insane hormones running through my gestating body, it caused a chemical reaction that burned my ring finger. Even today, weeks later, I have a pink band of scarring around my wedding band finger. People joke that it looks like Trent branded me. I am his, damnit.

I really don’t know where I’m going with this story, it just came to mind as two days ago Trent and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. Yesterday I woke up and said, “Well, happy first day of the sixth year of marriage, how’s it feel so far?”

Other than the burning, pretty damn good.

Happy 5th, darling. Thanks for letting me exaggerate stories at least 70% of the time. Thanks for having pretty babies with me. Thanks for emailing me weird links during the day to make me laugh. Thanks for sending me flowers or having Lu write me nice notes when I’m stressed. Thanks for building new rooms in our house so our baby can have a room of his own. Thanks for loving me when I’m not so lovable. Here’s to five more!

First Dance Love

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