Lulu as Leia

Star Wars Day Lulu as Leia

Being the family full of nerds that we are (and proud!) a few weeks back we had to celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th). However, the day arrived and both of my kids were not super excited about participating in any of the fun! After a little coercion and the promise that I could make Lucy look like she was holding a real light saber, she decided to play along with her dorky mom and we took a couple of photos of her as Princess Leia. You might remember a few years back when the kids dressed up as Leia and Yoda for Halloween (greatest costumes EVER). Well, we re-purposed a now very small Princess Leia costume for this little shoot. You might notice I don’t show Lulu’s feet…well, that’s because in the past few years she’s grown about a foot and the dress that was once on the ground now stops at her knees!

I’ve been working a lot on my craft and on developing some more artistic photo sessions, and Lulu has become my biggest inspiration. She’s almost always up for fun ideas, and she loves watching me take a mundane set up and make magic with different angles and post production. This session was done in an empty lot behind a gas station, as a big storm started to roll in. We were on our way home from swim lessons, and we just pulled over and ran out in to the small field. Right out of frame is a busy intersection and a line of retail stores. Turns out you can find a little magic just about anywhere!

(Click here for another magical photo in this series of shoots inspired by my creative, daring daughter, Lulu.)

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