Reading is Magic


These past few weeks have been so wonderful. I am overwhelmed with the opportunities I’ve been given…teaching workshops, traveling to New York City, beautiful photo sessions with families and individuals…I am so grateful! I am, however, totally exhausted. Between all the amazing things happening in my career and the end of the school year for my kids, I am running a low tank! So last week, when we had an unexpected cancellation, my kids and I decided to do a fun project together. My daughter is an avid reader (that’s putting it lightly!) and so we wanted to create an image where the magic of reading was really showcased. We worked together to find a location (my neighbor’s backyard), we set up the shot, and then we edited together in Photoshop. Here is the original RAW file next to the final product…

Lucy Reading Before + After

I’m not usually a huge Photoshopper…but it was cool to make something a little bit different from my regular style. It was so fun for my daughter to see how I do my work, and she was really pleased with the final image. I think this summer we are going to create a few more magical images based on some of her own ideas. She has big dreams, and it’s pretty fun turning them into a reality! Not only was she thrilled, but my creative muscles got a little bit of a workout as well. Magic.

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