Giving Instead of Receiving with the KC Pet Project

KC Pet Project Kittens

This year for Lucy’s birthday, we decided to change things up a bit. While we are so grateful to our friends and family for all the amazing gifts they bestow upon our kids, we are full to the brim with stuff. My kids don’t need anything, really. So instead of asking people to bring gifts to Lulu’s birthday party, we asked them to bring donations for the animals of the KC Pet Project!

KC Pet Project

We are a family of animal-lovers, and are proud that all of our pets, both past and present, have been adopted through local shelters. We love the KC Pet Project, because it’s the largest no-kill animal shelter in the area. The shelter cares for over 9,000 animals a year! I contacted the KC Pet Project and told them about Lucy’s donations, and they were kind enough to give the kids and I a tour of their facility. We brought along a friend of Lucy’s who is also a big animal fan (especially kittens!), and we were able to see the cat and kitten room, the veterinary recovery wing and the dog area. The entire operation is so amazing, and we are super grateful we were able to help out in our small way. Lucy’s friends and family really stepped up, and we were able to donate a couple bags of dog and cat food and toys!

To learn more about the KC Pet Project, and to learn how you can help, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook!

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