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Beating the Winter Blues : Family Activities for When You’re Snowed In

It’s a kid’s favorite words in the English language…and yet it strikes fear in the hearts of parents. SNOW DAY. While having a day to lounge around and play in the snow can be fun for a while, cabin fever can quickly set in! So here is a quick list of fun (and EASY) ideas for your family to keep your days stuck inside a little less whiny and a lot more entertaining!

(View my segment on this topic on the Better Kansas City show at the bottom of this post!)

1. Make Snow Ice Cream – Mix snow, vanilla and sugar to taste, then add milk to desired consistency. You can also add food coloring, sprinkles or other toppings for an extra special treat!

2. Create A Snow Day Game – Take activities/chores and draw up a game board! Once kids have completed the game, have prizes at the ready. This idea came from my friend (and fellow Kansas City Moms Blog contributor) Helen, who’s husband created the game after 4+ snow days off school! You can learn more about it via Helen’s blog!

3. New Classics Movie Marathon – Make popcorn and pull out some classic flicks to share from your childhood. Some ideas include: Hook, Back to the Future, Pollyanna, Babe, Mrs. Doubtfire, the original Star Wars…

Light Fort

4. Make a DIY Light Fort or Tunnel – Take a large old box, punch holes in the top with a screwdriver, and then stick Christmas lights through the holes. You can set up an entire box, or cut a box top so you can use the lights in any kind of fort made in your home!

5. Film Your Own Movies Using an iPad/iPhone and iMovie – This is a great way for older and younger children to work together…you can assign roles such as director and actors. Create a live action film, or do stop motion video using Legos or stuffed animals. Add music, make a movie trailer and put it all together to present to the whole family in a fancy premiere!

Better Kansas City Segment – Winter Activities to Keep Everyone Busy

Kansas City Photographer : Family Photography

Family Photo Session : Brulez Family

Kansas City Photographer : Family Photography

I was incredibly honored when Heather Brulez of Heather Brulez Photography contacted me to take portraits and put together a little video of her sweet family. I can’t lie…it was totally nerve-wracking to be asked to take photos of an amazing professional in my industry (I felt a little bit like a freshman getting asked to sit at the senior lunch table…ack!), but hopefully I have become so skilled at the “fake it ’til you make it” mentality, she didn’t even notice! I met Heather earlier this year when I taught a class on blogging for creatives through Hive Workshops, and I was so pumped to meet her adorable family in person. She has her hands full with her successful business and three active little ones! I bow down to all the mothers of three or more out there…you guys are superheros!

Thanks to Heather for putting her trust in me and to her family for braving a chilly, windy day to capture some memories!

Kansas City Photographer : Family Photography

Kansas City Photographer : Family Photography

Kansas City Photographer : Family Photography

The Lake Life

Fishing at the Lake

Lately I’ve found myself so inspired by my own life. I don’t say this because my life is totally amazing in every way, but because for a few years I found myself utterly bored by my surroundings. The funny thing about boredom is that most of the time it has nothing to do with what is happening around me, but everything to do with what is happening inside my own head. I spent the last few years learning how to appreciate this beautiful life I’ve been given, and now, when I look around, I can’t help but be in awe.

If you’ve been following along with my photography journey, you may have noticed I’ve been including videos with my family clients’ photo reveals. This is something new that I started earlier this year, and I love it! I think the mix of images with short video clips really brings the experience to life for those of us watching. I think of these videos as a keepsake for my clients, something they can share with friends and family, and hold on to in order to look back and remember these silly, funny days of parenthood.

However, lately I’ve found myself inspired by photographers like Kansas Pitts, who not only makes these videos for her clients, but also for herself! Now, unlike Kansas Pitts, I don’t own a drone or a GoPro or live in a beautiful beach town…but that doesn’t mean I can’t document my own family’s adventures in my own unique way.

This summer has been especially lovely for us because for the first time, my kids are fairly independent and we able to experience more without the hassles of traveling with very young children. There are no more diapers, baby food or loads of gear to drag along with us. For the past few years, traveling to my parent’s lake cabin has been hit or miss…Tate didn’t love the water, Lucy was afraid of seaweed and neither slept well when we weren’t at home. But this year has been fantastic! The kids spend hours jumping off the dock, swimming, fishing and playing. We ride the jet ski and tube, kayak, float on rafts and roast marshmallows over the fire in the evenings. It’s pretty stinking magical, if I do say so myself.

So on our last trip, I decided to try and capture some video along with images and make a little keepsake of the first summer of relative freedom. It makes me smile, and I hope it makes you smile too. Life is good. Lake life is better.

Crazy Bananas Vlog : Conference Jitters

This weekend I am fortunate to be able to attend to totally rad Go Blog Social workshop, which is a full day event with tons of other amazing bloggers from Kansas City. I’m so excited! And terrified! Ack! When you’re an introvert, events like this one can be pretty intimidating. Today on the video blog, I’m talking about my fears, expectations and asking for any tips you may have on surviving an event like this one.

Crazybananas Vlog No. 3 – Saying Goodbye to the Holidays

It’s time for another edition of the Crazybananas Vlog! Soooo…how long do you leave your holiday decorations up? I’m having a horrible time saying goodbye to the twinkle lights this year! It’s a little silly, but the holidays were so busy/crazy, I’m loving having all the twinkle with none of the anxiety. Anyone else feeling the same way? Was your holiday a busy one? What did you do to keep the insanity at bay? Do you have plans to change it up next year? Please leave your advice and questions in the comments. I’d LOVE to hear them!

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