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Beating the Winter Blues : Family Activities for When You’re Snowed In

It’s a kid’s favorite words in the English language…and yet it strikes fear in the hearts of parents. SNOW DAY. While having a day to lounge around and play in the snow can be fun for a while, cabin fever can quickly set in! So here is a quick list of fun (and EASY) ideas for your family to keep your days stuck inside a little less whiny and a lot more entertaining!

(View my segment on this topic on the Better Kansas City show at the bottom of this post!)

1. Make Snow Ice Cream – Mix snow, vanilla and sugar to taste, then add milk to desired consistency. You can also add food coloring, sprinkles or other toppings for an extra special treat!

2. Create A Snow Day Game – Take activities/chores and draw up a game board! Once kids have completed the game, have prizes at the ready. This idea came from my friend (and fellow Kansas City Moms Blog contributor) Helen, who’s husband created the game after 4+ snow days off school! You can learn more about it via Helen’s blog!

3. New Classics Movie Marathon – Make popcorn and pull out some classic flicks to share from your childhood. Some ideas include: Hook, Back to the Future, Pollyanna, Babe, Mrs. Doubtfire, the original Star Wars…

Light Fort

4. Make a DIY Light Fort or Tunnel – Take a large old box, punch holes in the top with a screwdriver, and then stick Christmas lights through the holes. You can set up an entire box, or cut a box top so you can use the lights in any kind of fort made in your home!

5. Film Your Own Movies Using an iPad/iPhone and iMovie – This is a great way for older and younger children to work together…you can assign roles such as director and actors. Create a live action film, or do stop motion video using Legos or stuffed animals. Add music, make a movie trailer and put it all together to present to the whole family in a fancy premiere!

Better Kansas City Segment – Winter Activities to Keep Everyone Busy

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