Just a little note…

I just noticed that all of my title things have about 5 exclamation points after them (which my teachers at KU would despise), so I wanted to comment on that. And now I did. OK. Peace. Pace. Amore. Et cetera….


OK so I have to write quick cause I tried to do this earlier today and the stupid internet cut me off! I’m hanging in Portugal, soaking up the sun and seeing the amazing grottos of Lagos, the city we’re staying in. It’s an amazing time. Spent last week in Spain with Abbie and her host family. They were so sweet and treated me like one of the family. Mostly just hung out by the pool and drank a lot of Spanish beer (Cruz Campbell anyone). Monday we leave for Amsterdam where I’ll meet up with some friends from Firenze. I’m sure I will be a very good girl, seeing the sights and not smoking any illegal substances…


I’m finally done! I can’t believe it:) I just took my last Italian final, also the last final of my undergraduate career. It’s insane. Now I’m just hanging out in Florence for the next two days and then I leave for Spain Sunday. I’m extremely sad to leave Florence. Everyone else leaves before me and it really sucks! Oh well, I know I’ll see most of them someday down the road:) OK, gotta jet.

Y’all suck!

Why doesn’t anyone check my page:( You all are gonna make me cry! I’m sorry I can’t put up pictures, but you can all see them when I return. It’s my last weekend in Florence, and I’m trying to make the most of it:) We are going to this little town of Fiesole tonight to have a picnic and watch the sunset. I think it should be a good relaxing time. We partied it up a bit too much this week. We even played “flip-cup” at some bar the other night where you could buy three liters of beer for 19 euros (cheap for Florence). This week coming up is going to be really crazy! I have 2 finals, a final cooking class, and an in-class composition (and I have to find time to pack at some point). Then Sunday morning it’s off to Spain! I can’t wait to hang on the beach drinking cerveza and eating burritos (do they have burritos in Spain? Or is that Mexican?)

Ciao tutto!

Hello everyone. I don’t know if anyone is really checking out my website (you bastards:) but you all should, because I refuse to write anymore 3-page e-mails! Just an update on my week. This weekend I went to Lake Garda in northern Italy. It was so beautiful. I’ve never seen a lake that was so clear and turquoise colored. It looked like ocean water! It was so fun and relaxing, and it turned out to be a celebration weekend, so there were fireworks and a fashion show (with a really bad singer in a shiny black coat!) School is still pretty tough. Yes, I do actually study. Alot! We have all these required museum visits and extra classes, but they’re all over in less than 2 weeks. I already can tell I’m really going to miss Florence. It’s become like my home, and it’s going to be strange to leave, but I’m excited to come home and see eveyone also:) Guess that’s about it for now. I’m headed off to Palazzo Vecchio, a palace from which the Medici family ruled Florence in the 13th century. Gotta go learn.

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