I need a snack…

When I was in Italy I gained a good 25 lbs. No, I am not exaggerating and I’m not overcompensating like many females do when it comes to weight gain. And no, I’m not saying it just so people will tell me I’m not fat.

You see, in Italy (on top of all the great food and wine) there are huge amounts of dolci, otherwise known as artery-clogging sweets. Gelato, the most delicious of all ice-cream, was my arch nemisis. It usually won.

Hello, my name is Megan and I’m a snacker. I love candy, treats, greasy foods and anything with sugar.

Literally, I was getting on the plane from Portugal to Amsterdam and I almost shit myself when I learned there would be no snacks on the plane! “NO SNACKS! WHAT KIND OF COMMUNIST COUNTRY IS THIS!!!”

I know that my obsessive problems with food are mostly genetic. My mother is the queen of bad eating and slow metabolisms. She used to be one of those “tiny people” who could never gain weight. 700 McChicken nuggets later…it’s a different story.

Today my boss noticed my crabby demenor and brought me back a bag of Snickers Poppables. She knows the way to my heart is through my tummy. I have almost eaten the whole bag. Chubbs, it seems, has returned. Now I just have to make sure I don’t become the McChicken Princess.


When I started this site last May, it was supposed to be a link for me from Italy. I had just finished my last semester at KU and was heading off for a summer abroad. Now, if you go back and look at the posts from this time, you can see how the site was used. Kind of an easier than e-mailing type of communication. All the posts are written more like letters than most blogs, and almost all are so full of cheese you can smell the Velveta coming off your monitor. Ah, well. The former life of my site.

After I returned from Italy, my amount of viewers dropped dramatically. Partly because I was now around the people who wrote on this daily and partly because I felt like I had nothing to say. No more exciting stories. So the site became a way for me to share my photos from Italy with those who were there with me.

After the re-design, I removed most of these pics. But now, because of popular demand, the pictures will return. I just have to reload them all. So, “crap stain,” be patient, and you will soon see photos.

Click here for my uploading progress so far.

And now my site is going to be an outlet for me to say whatever I want. My strong political beliefs and convictions will finally be heard by the world. Or I could just talk about poop. And work. And my drunk friends. And my new dog (**hint**). And I can work out my foul mouth. Shit! Oh, that feels much better.

Stay tuned!

Saturday Night

At this moment I am drinking red wine and watching “When Metallica Ruled the World” on VH1. I rule.

Ahh..when I was a young rebel. Don’t worry all parental figures who may see this. I’ve quit. But it sure was fun while it lasted…

Home Again

OK, so I’m back in Kansas, lucky me:( I don’t want to sound too down, but I have to say that returning from this experience is much harder than I ever thought it would be. I miss everything so much! I miss Anna, and even Anna’s burps! I miss Jessi and Courtney bitching about Florence! I even miss Nathan pronouncing his name “Natan”! The crazy roommates and the late nights at Dolce Vita and moped rides at 4 am!!!! I miss all of it! I thought coming home would be easy, I didn’t realize how much of a life I’d built for myselt in Florence, but I really had. I know I have a life here too (and a good one, I’m really lucky) but it’s taking me much longer than I thought to get back in the swing of things. I feel so bad for the people in my life that love me and are trying to help me out, because they don’t deserve the crappy way I’m responding. So if anyone actually reads this (which is doubtful since my only readers were people I’m with every day now) know that I love you all and I’ll get over my Florence “homesickness”…it’s just gonna take time.

David Hasselhoff in Chicago!

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