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A Pokemon Birthday Party!

A few weeks ago my sweet Lulu pointed out (for the millionth time) that she hadn’t had a “real” birthday party in quite a few years. She wasn’t wrong. As a mom, I excel at many things…but party planning is NOT one of them! Honestly, I’m just not much of a party person. I don’t […]


Each year I write a birthday letter to my kids on the blog…you can find Lucy’s previous letters here: eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Dear Lucy, Two days ago you turned nine-years-old. NINE. It’s your last single digit year! How can that even be possible? There are days when I look […]

Strawberry Fields Forever

All season I’ve been wanting to take my kids to a local strawberry farm and pick our own berries. After several weeks (and weekends!) of non-stop events and end-of-school activities, this past weekend we finally had our chance. While the unseasonably cool weather has kept us away from most of our summer staples like our […]

Opening Tonight! The Phoenix Project in Lawrence, Kansas

I’m so excited (thrilled, terrified, proud) to share that the Phoenix Project: Healing Through Art is opening TONIGHT! The Willow Domestic Violence Center’s Phoenix Project is both a collection of narratives and interpretive art intended to connect the community on a personal level to decrease violence and promote healing through transformation. The show is on […]

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