30 Days of Summer

30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge!

It’s here, it’s here! It’s finally here!

I’ve been talking about the 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge quite a bit lately, but today is the officially, official day when I’m sending my new project out into the world! I had always planned to wait until today to talk about this photo challenge, but when the news calls and asks you to come on and talk about something you love, you do it! Even if your promo isn’t quite ready to go….

The 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge came from a small idea I had one night while lying in bed. I was thinking about how summer would be here before I knew it, and how every year I find myself creatively drained in the summertime. I start out with the best of intentions, but with the kids at home all day, my work schedule, the heat and the lack of alone time, I eventually find myself frustrated and in a bit of a rut.

My journey to photography runs parallel with motherhood…I was gifted my very first DSLR camera when I was six months pregnant with my daughter. After she was born, I found myself alone with a newborn, and a bit lost in my new life. I didn’t have any friends with kids, and I felt so isolated from my peers. Photography is what woke me up. I ate up every tutorial I could find online. I practiced every day. My beautiful Lulu probably has about a million photos of herself as a baby! I wasn’t perfect, but that was never the goal. I was making something and it felt amazing.

The 30 Days of Summer Challenge was created with this in mind. It is NOT about taking the most beautiful photo in the world or having the most expensive, fancy camera. It’s NOT about being perfect. It’s about making something. It’s about taking a minute or two out of your day to see your life through the lens…whether that lens belongs to a DSLR, a phone or a point and shoot camera! After a bit, you’ll start to see things in a new way. Where you once may have been bored, now you’ll be looking for light or seeing how the shadows play on the ground. You will find inspiration in the mundane, and you may even look back on hard days with a little fondness.

We begin the challenge on June 1st, so head on over to the main page and sign up! I would love to have you join me on this adventure!

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  1. Colin
    Colin says:

    I saw you on KC Live, and you gave such great tips! I loved your tip on getting different kinds of shots for a photo album. You’re so right, you don’t want to just look through an album and see all the same shots of people smiling at the camera. Thanks for the challenge too. Looking forward to it!

    By the way, what youtube channels would you recommend to learn about a DSLR. I got mine a year ago, but haven’t learned much of its features. Thanks for your help!


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