FAQs – 30 Day Photo Challenge

Are you guys getting excited about the 30 Days of Summer Photo Challenge? June is going to be here before we know it! I can’t wait! For those of you who are on the fence about joining us this summer, or even if you just want some clarification on the challenge, I decided to put together a little Frequently Asked Questions blog. I hope this answers anything and everything…but if not, feel free to give me a shout on social media or send me a note to megan@crazybananas.com.

1. How will I get the daily themes? All at once, or one every day?
You will get a list of all of the themes for the challenge at the beginning, the week before the challenge starts. This should give you some time to prepare and get the creative juices flowing! Once the challenge begins on June 1st, you will also get the themes each day sent to your email inbox.

2. Do I have to sign up for the emails or can I just participate on social media?
If you want to be eligible for giveaways and freebies, you must sign up through your email (you can find the sign up form here). By receiving the emails, you’ll also get tons of additional information from myself and from an amazing group of makers, artists and bloggers that are collaborating with me for this challenge.

3. Do I have to post my images on social media? What social media channels will we be using?
No, you don’t have to post your images to social media…but I hope you do! I love seeing all the creativity and viewing everyone’s summer moments. I will be checking Facebook and Instagram for the hashtag #30daysofsummerphotochallenge, and will also be spotlighting my favorite images through my social media accounts.

4. Do I have to be a mom or a woman to participate?
Nope! The challenge is geared toward mothers, but everyone is welcome! I would actually love to see a ton of different perspectives!

5. How will the giveaways work?
There will be two types of giveaways for this challenge…the first is giveaways that are for everyone who signs up. For example, the incredible company Artifact Uprising is giving everyone who signs up for the challenge 25 FREE square prints of their images! How cool is that?! This giveaway will be sent out via email to everyone who is on the email list. The second type of giveaway is for items that I only have a certain number of. These will be given away via our private Facebook group. I will post the items on certain days in the group with instructions on how to enter!

6. Wait, what private Facebook group?!
Before the challenge begins, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group, which will be a place where you can post your images, share tips/tricks relating to the days theme, enter giveaways and connect with other participants. You must be signed up for the challenge emails in order to join the Facebook group. Keep an eye out for an upcoming email with more info.

7. Do I have to post or take a photo every day? If I don’t, am I still eligible for the prizes?
Hey now, I’m not the photo police! Of course I hope you’ll participate every day, because the point of this project is to grow our creativity by taking daily images. However, I know how life can be, especially with kids home for the summer. How you participate is up to you! Remember, it’s not about being perfect!

8. Do I have to have a fancy camera and know how to edit photos?
NO! Use what you have…whether that’s a smart phone, a DSLR camera or a simple point and shoot. It’s not about the gear, it’s about having fun.

9. Will there be another opportunity to do a photo challenge like this?
Hopefully! We’re gonna see how this one goes first, but I would love to offer more of these throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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