Uploading Bonanza

I know I promised a lengthy story about the wonder of my wedding day and the magic of being betrothed to my formerly bearded wonder, but if you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll know why I haven’t. The list of things to do, people to thank, rooms to clean, is about a mile long and I only have the energy to do one daunting task a night. Last night, it was uploading my sister’s wedding pics to flickr (as you can see on the right). I was going to do some great wonderful entry with a lovely photo of Trent and I staring into each others eyes as we jump into the snake pit that is marriage, but I was TOO DAMN TIRED!!! Now I see why pregnant women bitch so much about work. 9 hour days with no break leads to pregnant girl coming home, eating pizza and sitting on couch watching the WB. Last night I also finally began reading all these pregnancy books that are supposed to be my “bibles” for the next 6 months and found that I am the worst mother ever! How dare I skip breakfast or not take frequent breaks! My poor baby is going to be so screwed up!

So then I was crying and upset about how screwed up my baby was going to be and then I just didn’t have time to go through Flickr and rotate all the photos that were facing the wrong way or create a new group for them or write something fabulous on this site. Sorry. Get over it. Apparently, according to “What to Expect While You’re Expecting,” a pregnant woman’s body is doing more work when it’s sleeping than a man who is mounting climbing. So suck it! I’m tired!

But I promise, within the next few days the stories will come. Then you’ll probably want me to stop, but I won’t. Oh no, I won’t. And then, maybe you’ll feel bad about bugging me about pictures.

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