The Great Debate : Podcast vs Vlog

A few weeks ago I reached out to my social media followers with a question: Would you rather listen to a podcast or watch a video blog (aka, a vlog)? The answers surprised me a little! Podcast won the vote, but not by much, and many people said it was too hard to choose, because they like each medium, but for different reasons.

I mean, yes. That’s why I asked?! I couldn’t decide, so I was hoping my readers and followers would do it for me. But no dice. Rats.

So what did I decide to do….?

Being a Type A, recovering perfectionist, I decided to try both! The current plan is for the vlog to show a bit of behind the scenes and possibly also some “how-to” type segments, while the podcast is going to be an interview series focused on women who are totally amazing! My goal with the podcast is to talk with other women who have achieved some form of success (in their career, as an activist or advocate, creative, entrepreneur, mother, or just as a human doing good in the world) about how they have failed along the way and what motivated them to keep moving forward.

Do you know someone like that? Bonus if they are from KC or the midwest! Have them send me an email at or tag them in the comments if you think they’d be interested in being featured! And if you think YOU have a unique story to share, send me a note! I want to talk with you!

The Vlog and the Podcast will be coming out soon, so if you want to be sure you don’t miss them, sign up for the Crazy Bananas Newsletter!

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