Summer Summer Summertime…Ohhhh Summertime

Top 5 Reasons I’m Loving Summer This Year

1. We have a nanny, so the kids have no daycare / preschool. Which means no getting everyone up in the morning, fighting over clothes / breakfast / making beds, and being at least 20 minutes late to work each day. It also means someone else is doing the laundry and washing the dishes, and when I get home at the end of the day, my house is picked up and clean. I don’t think our nanny can leave us. Ever. Sorry, Amanda, you can’t go back to school in August, you’ll have to stay forever. FOREVER.

2. Due to the aforementioned nanny, we can have late bedtimes, nights at the pool and all around laziness. In addition, our lack of weekend scheduled activities (goodbye Saturday morning dance class!), means weekends actually include weekending! Margaritas! Grilling! Happyyyyyy!

3. I am not pregnant. In the summer, this is really a key to enjoyment.

4. Our big vacation is already done (hello Disney World!) so all our future summer trips are mostly low key lake and farm visits. My favorite. (Excluding Trent’s trip to Ireland and my maybe trip to see my dear B. Spears in Dallas…)

5. Sunshine. This winter was so long. I am basking in the glow of sunny days. At least until it hits 102 degrees. Then ask me again.


{Also, cute babies in board shorts.}

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