Tired of hearing about my political views? Well, lucky for you, you’re not the only one (Hi Abbie! I love you!), so I figured it was time to get cracking on showing you all what has consumed my being for the past few weeks.


Here it is! To me, this is very overwhelming.

Our Movers

This is our “Moving Team Leader” Trent, ordering everyone around. I think he was drunk with power. Don’t tell, but we were all thisclose to a mutiny.

Lu Sleeping Through the Move

Lucy was a bit bored by the whole thing. “OMG, Mom. Moving is sooooo lame. WTF.”

Here is a house tour video Trent shot, ala MTV Cribs. This was before I painted my kitchen orange and my bedroom yellow. At the end you can sort of see what it all looks like today, with tools littering the floor and Lucy’s crayons all over the kitchen. And of course, all Lu cares about is seeing herself in the camera viewfinder. Hence the contact repetition of “Please see it?” or “I wanna see it!”. Ah, such is life.

New House Tour from Megan on Vimeo.

Oh, and one more thing…

Me and My Dad Supporting Obama

This is me and my pops at the Obama rally this weekend, representing. Wait, I said no more political stuff, didn’t I? Well, then just concentrate on the awesomeness of my dad’s hair. Just blows you away, doesn’t it?

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