Fanning the Fire

Oh, Colin Powell…always stealing my thunder. I’m sure you just decided to support Obama because I did last week. That’s okay, I’m very convincing.

Random Editorial Note: I got the link to the Colin Powell story from so that I couldn’t be accused of using the evil liberal media to support my views. Where I live, Fox News is considered unbiased {gags}. So I just thought I’d post the homepage screen grab from 7:30 a.m. this morning.

Fox News dot com

The top stories are:

1. Palin: Obama Tax Plan Is ‘Socialism’
2. Polls Show McCain Narrowing the Gap
3. ‘Daily Show’s’ Jon Stewart to Palin: ‘%$#@ You’
4. Colin Powell Backs Obama | Obama Raises $150M
5. Palin Earns Highest ‘SNL’ Ratings in 14 Years
6. Killed for Spreading Christianity
7. And also one story about UFO’s…to lighten the mood???

Yup, totally unbiased. Thank God Fox News is here to tell me the truth.

{Then she throws up a little in her mouth}

Yet Another Editorial Note: This just in, the conservative Salt Lake City Tribune Endorses Obama…what is going on? Why are all these Republicans agreeing with me? It’s a bit unsettling. Is this all a giant trick?

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2 replies
  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Fyi, I mailed my Kansas absentee ballot today. (I didn’t really need any more time to make my decision.) The proper English postman all approvingly informed me of the postage for ‘what I presume is your vote’.

    Obamarama llama!


  2. Ryan Munson
    Ryan Munson says:

    While I may not agree with your vote I will tell you two things that impressed me about your entry. 1.) You are very well informed and therefore making a decision based on fact and not hype. 2.) You provided links to both candidates sites – therefore you really are “fair and balanced”.


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