Oh, baby

First off, yes, a kitten did disappear. Yes, Molly could have eaten it. Though I tend to live in my little dream world where my horrible dog did not eat a defenseless kitten, but instead scared it and it is hiding somewhere no one can find it.

Second, I am starting to grow a bit. If Trent were here he would tell all of you that I’ve been growing this whole time and I’m just exaggerating on the newly aquired growth, but I would then tell him to be a quiet and obidient husband like we vowed. My FAVORITE (and pretty much only) good pair of jeans are beginning to become painful to wear. Boo.

I am also starting to think a bit more about this whole giving birth thing and how awfully scary it is and how even when I say to other mothers, “It’s not that bad, right” they all just roll there eyes or twitch nervously. Not a good sign.

Of course I’m basing all of my education on birthing this here baby on what my doctors and nurses and parents tell me, but mostly, I’m basing it on dooce. Why? Because she makes me feel like although this is really gonna suck, it will be totally worth it.

If she’s wrong, I will be understandably upset.

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  1. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    I don’t know if I can hear the kitten eating stories anymore. I’m pretty sure it depresses Ryno when he gets on your website and hears about the nice dog eating one of his own, Ryno would never ever eat a puppy. Anyways….I’ll try to call you tomorrow, since this phone tag game has been going on for at least 2 days now. I miss you and hope you had fun down south!

  2. Mikayla
    Mikayla says:

    I have some exciting news. My parents are already getting a new kitten. One of my mom’s students (she’s a high school teacher) has a litter and mom has dibbs on a male to be a companion to the other cat. That is if Maddy (their Lab) doesn’t get it first……Molly isn’t the only one with the taste for kittens.


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