Not a Photobomb

Crap, the week is over again, isn’t it? I mean, yay, it’s Friday! I didn’t get anything done this week, but at least now I can put off the rest of my to-do list until Monday!

I was going to go the lazy route and post some more pictures, this time from our beach vacation a few weeks back in South Carolina, but I figured this website is becoming a bit of a photobomb. So instead, here are some things that are making me happy this week:

Sufjan Steven’s Newest EP – All Delighted People: For sale for FIVE DOLLARS or for FREE STREAMING here. My fave is number 6. Dig it.

Stephmodo’s Maternity Portrait Session: Since my brain is all hormonal and crazy, after I checked out our family photos by Nicole this week, the first thing I did (after wiping my eyes because my family is so awesome OMG) was start compiling ideas for a maternity shoot. I’m loving this one Justin Hackworth did for blogger Stephmodo. It’s just so calm and serene. The opposite of how I’m feeling right about now.

Online Shopping: HALP! I can’t stop! It doesn’t help that I barely own any maternity clothes (spent my last pregnancy in sweatpants) and I now have to find baby boy clothes that don’t include the following: Jungle animals, sports, trains, Elmo or any other character. Between Ebay and Gilt, I may not have enough money to pay the hospital for delivery. Ah well, I’ll just have to live in the maternity ward. In really stylish clothes. (Seriously though, most of it is over 80% off and could you say no to this? I didn’t think so.)

Baby Names: So, Trent and I can’t decide on a baby name. Literally, cannot agree. On one name. Not one. So I’ve been browsing around the Social Security Administration’s website, where they have the top baby names for every year since 1879. I know, right? What was the most popular boy’s name in 1890? John. Most popular in 1990? Michael. You can even see charts depicting how name popularity has changed over time. And if you have any suggestions on names, we’re open. Just no unnecessary “y’s” or names without vowels. Please and thank you.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is Secretly Just About Eating Sandwiches: Yes, yes it is. (Read article here.)

Cat Fashion Show: Do you guys remember when I worked for the crazy lady and my job was basically public relations representative for insane cat people? Good times. This would have been a totally normal part of my day. (Edward Cullen Cat and Avatar Cat should have a fight.)

Jon Stewart: This whole NYC mosque (not really a mosque actually a community center and actually not at ground zero and also there is already a Islamic community center at the site and it’s supported by most NYC’ers and Mayor Bloomberg….) “debate” is making me crazy. Whenever I see or hear anything about it on the “news” I want to vomit. But then Jon Stewart comes on and I remember that some people aren’t dumb. I think most aren’t. The dumb ones are just the loudest. I probably should’ve learned that in high school.

Samantha Bee: The following quote should be dipped in gold and hung on any pregnant lady’s wall, “I’m like an overripe papaya that’s about to fall to the ground from its own weight and split open on the sidewalk with its seedy innards spurting all over the place. Gross. I mean, I get it, it’s the Miracle of Life and everything, which is “beautiful” in the abstract. But it’s also frankly kind of gross.” I heart you, Sam Bee.

And because I’m on a roll….here’s a picture from our trip to Charleston. The rest of the wrap up will be coming next week. I think this accurately shows how my in-laws are all funny and I am eternally uncute and sort of snobbish. I mean, doesn’t my pose just scream “OMG, you guys are, like, so embarrassing!”

Granted, they were all drunk. And I was not. Probably explains it.


Happy weekend!

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