My Pops

I just want to say that my father is the greatest man alive! When I’m lost or scared or penny-less, he is right there to pick me up. Even when I least expect it. He just made my day and my life so much better. I’m always afraid he’s going to let me down and I’m scared to let him down, but I don’t think either has ever happened. Thank you Daddy. Thank you so much. And thank you to Trent for trying to pick me up off the floor and showing me that I don’t have to turn to people who I don’t want to turn to. Thank you for offering to pay for my tires. And thank you for understanding that I’m a stubborn girl who will never ask for what she really wants. I swear, I’m trying to be better, but I will probably always be this way. Maybe just a little more subdued and less dramatic. I hear this comes with age, although looking at the family tree, we may be in trouble!

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