I could live without…

The pants. In every room of the house. Do people (and by people I mean the man I love so much it makes me want to sing Luther Vandross songs in the shower) just walk into a room a say, “I don’t think this room requires pants?”

Jeans in the dining room. Kakhis in the living room. More jeans in the basement. Shorts in the bathroom.

Somewhere there is a very cute, bearded man walking around with no pants, wondering, “I know I dropped them right here…or were those my kitchen pants?”

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  1. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    Hey what about spiders?! I’m having a spider problem like your pants, everywhere I go..there’s a spider. I think that the tick killer I sprayed caused all of the spiders to come out…they will die also. I do not tolerate bugs…they shall burn in hell with all of the other ones I have killed.


  2. Mikayla
    Mikayla says:

    I LOVE the pants story! Thanks Megan for making me laugh out loud while I sit in my large cubicle at 8:05 on this dreadfully rainy morning. The only one here, yet not the only one that SHOULD be here at 8AM, so I am listening to sad country songs…and reading about pants. My life is great!

    Mara – you should get a dog. A male dog. So it can make out with Molly. Hope to see you this weekend at the Plaza Art Show!

  3. Trent
    Trent says:

    For some reason I was radomly flipping through the archive and felt the need to tell eveyone how flippin funny (and true) this post was. It’s really funny!


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