The Last Hangover

Read my essay about my last day in active addiction over on Scary Mommy.

Helpful Articles

My articles on the Addiction Advisor cover recovery-related issues and practical advice.

Mama Doesn’t Drink

An essay on how I talk to my kids about my sobriety via the Kansas City Moms Blog.

The Bubble Hour

An interview I did on the The Bubble Hour podcast on firsts in sobriety.

Recovery Happens One Day (and sometimes one blog post) at a Time!

Sobriety and Social Justice

I have been thinking a lot about the intersection of sobriety…

Lucky Number Seven

Today I am seven years sober. Lucky number seven. To have any…
Five Years Sober

Thoughts on Five Years Sober

Today I woke up with five years of sobriety. Five years is…

Travel Diary : Canyon Ranch

A few weeks ago, as we were laying in bed at night, Trent…
unruffled podcast

Creativity + Recovery on the Unruffled Podcast

I was so excited to be asked to be a guest on the Unruffled Podcast…
Sober Looks Good

How to Age Backwards : Get Sober

Today I turn 35 years old. Is that old? I'm not sure. In some…

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