Hi Ho, Hi Ho

I have officially been back in the working mama grind for two weeks, and holy crap, I need a nap.

Seriously, this morning while Trent and I were struggling to get out of bed I looked at him and said, “You know what I miss most about maternity leave? Naps.” Sorry, Tate, I miss you too, but the naps are what I truly desire. Oh sweet naps, I miss you so.

All in all, the transition back to work has not been nearly as hard as it was when I went back after Lucy was born. Granted, back then I was starting a brand new job with a new company and Lu was much older than Tate, so she was much, much more attached. And Lucy was a very different baby. I’ve tried to describe it as Lucy lives her life in ALL CAPS. WITH EXCLAMATION POINTS! When she is happy, she’s the happiest kid on the planet and everyone knows it. When she’s sad, there has never been a sadder little girl. Tate is much more laid back. His general disposition is happy, but even when he’s not such a happy dude, he’s still not as “out loud” as Lulu was/is. So he seems much happier in daycare than she was early on. And that makes things 100 million times easier.

I’m more confident this time around as well. I know what I’m doing (working outside of the home) is not a bad thing for my kids. It won’t scar them for life any more than anything else would. While last time around I felt like I was “being forced” to go back to work, this time around it’s all about my “choice” to do so. I choose to focus on the benefits my kids will gain from this experience, which I am already seeing firsthand through Lucy, like socialization, independence, how to work well with others, how to listen and follow directions, et cetera. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a quote from a great friend,

“I think that women who work are doing such a great thing, especially for their daughters. To see their mom’s going out there and playing ball with the men, to see that mom and dad are equals and that mom can support her family is such a good lesson for them to learn. To teach them their self-worth doesn’t just come from parenting and housewifery, but from all aspects of their life. It is so important.”

*Sidenote: Doesn’t it seem like when you need it the most, your friends say the most perfect things…*

Is what we have chosen to do the right thing for every family? Hell no. My hat is off to the stay at home moms and the work at home moms and all the other varieties of moms out there who are doing their best every single day. Everyone has their own challenges. Mine just happens to be keeping spit up off of my work attire so I don’t have to change six times before I leave for the office.

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3 replies
  1. Inger
    Inger says:

    And finding dress that have easy-boob access! 😀 *sigh* Posts like this really remind me of how much I miss hanging out with you. You’re such an awesome mom – keep it up lady!

  2. Inger
    Inger says:

    Uh oh, and just realized you might need to teak your 100 things list – no. 18 might not be a possibility anymore… Sorry…

  3. Megan
    Megan says:

    Ah yes, the easy boob access is essential! I miss you too, lady! And yes, my 100 things list is severely outdated…it’s on my to do list to update it, right behind buying dog food and restoring my sanity.


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