Happy Weekend!


It’s Friday, y’all! Hooray! I’m headed to the family farm for a weekend of napping, playing with the kids, exploring, and enjoying my mother-in-law’s cooking. I’m one lucky lady. This week was mostly spent recovering from Alt Summit, and I think this will be the perfect way to bookend that experience. There is nothing more opposite on the planet than a weekend at the farm in Kansas. And it’s just what I need.

Here are some links to get you through your weekend. I hope you have a great one!

These high school photos of celebrities make me laugh.

Just in case you need a little pep talk

I’ve talked quite a bit about Karen Walrond this week, but did you know she has her very own TEDx talk? You should go watch it. It’s pretty fantastic.

Some simple tips for taking self portraits. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love self portraits!

I’m so excited for this new Babble series from Alison Faulkner and Susan Petersen! A look behind the scenes of super successful bloggers, plus tips on how to get there!

I’m horrible at menu planning, so I’m loving these tips on Design Mom. I need to put these into action, like, yesterday!

These aerial photos of tulip fields in the Netherlands will make you gasp. Such color and beauty. Oh, my heart.

Here are a few other pieces I worked on around the Internet recently:

The Truth About Organic Toys on Design for MiniKind

How A Start Up Kids Show is Leading the Slow Parenting Movement on Design for MiniKind

Networking Tips for the Introverted on Sweet Lemon Magazine’s Zesty Digest


Have you all heard of Rivet and Sway? They are an eyeglasses designer out of Seattle that wants to change how people see their glasses. Their styles are fantastic, and I’m getting ready to start a super fun project with them! Here’s how it works, you go online to their store and type in a few details about yourself, like your face shape and style, and they have a personal stylist that will contact you with three frames that would work best for you. Then they send you the frames to try for free! Once you decide, you send the frames back and order your fave. Awesome, right? If you’re interested, Rivet and Sway is having a Valentine’s Day sale starting today, with $50 off all frames! Head over to Rivet and Sway to check out their options!

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