Happy Weekend!


Hello everyone! I’m still in Salt Lake City at Alt Summit and I can’t wait to share all I’ve learned with you. Today is the final day of the speaker sessions, then tomorrow we have design camp. I’ll be flying home Sunday to my littles who I’ve missed like crazy while I’m away. This week has be BEYOND beyond, but I’m really looking forward to returning home and digesting all I’ve learned here.

I would like to quickly say thank you so much to everyone who made it possible for me to attend Alt Summit this week. It was really a pipe dream of mine that I never, ever thought would come true. My husband, always more patient than I probably deserve, said okay to a huge sum of money (Alt ain’t cheap, y’all) right after I’d quit my full time job because he wanted to support me in getting where I need to go in this weird world of lifestyle blogging. My in-laws have been wonderful, coming to Kansas City to help out while I’m away and spending time with the kids. And of course, those kids, who make everything worth it. Oy, my heart may burst.

Okay, enough of that sappy stuff. Here are some links to get you through your weekend. I’ll be back on Monday!

I love the idea of taking a train somewhere in the states. I’ve always wanted to go cross country, but I think I’ll wait until Tate is not two years old (no offense, Tater). I really enjoyed reading about Jordan’s trip with her family to Seattle from San Francisco. So fun!

Please oh please someone buy me a Doctor Who valentine!

The “You Are My Wild” project is a blog where 14 photographers document how they see their children. It’s perfection.

I would love a video like this with my kids, showing a normal day together (with a bit of fancy fun thrown in, of course!).

Speaking of beautiful videos featuring bloggers and their kids, go watch “Betty in Paris.” You won’t regret it!

Guess what city made Refinery 29’s list of places to travel? Well, yeah, New York City. But also, Kansas City! Yay for KC! (Apparently the new hipster capitol of the Midwest….okay?)

The best photobombs of the presidential inauguration.

Nicole helped me make these sweet valentine’s last year, and now she’s sharing how on the Petit Soul blog!

I also wrote this week at Sweet Lemon Magazine’s Zesty Digest about my need to get out and run again…my dad is always right.

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