Happy Weekend!


Hello, Friday! You are looking super cute this morning. And after this short, dramatic week, I could not be more excited for the weekend. To all of you who read, commented, tweeted, liked or emailed me regarding my post from yesterday, THANK YOU! Your support means the world and it’s so wonderful to know I’m not alone, even when things are horrible. You all get a gold star.

As your reward, here are some fun links to get you through the weekend:

– Parents of twin babies on their first airplane trip handed out little favors to all the other passengers to apologize in case they were a nuisance. Such a good idea. I may have do this next time I fly with Tate, except I’ll pack the gift bags with mini bottles of whiskey.

– Photography tips for bloggers from Liz over at Say Yes to Hoboken.

– The iPhone 5 is coming next week!!! Ahhhhh!!! Here is what it will probably look like.

– The adorable Kristen over at Hey Paul Studios created an embroidery challenge on Instagram! Such a good idea! Now I just need to learn how to embroider something…

– This is some good internet.

– This video of ducks crossing a busy highway in Canada had me screaming at my computer screen. “No, baby ducks! Don’t die!!!!” (It has a happy ending.)

– Excited for Fall TV?! Well, me too, but with the loss of cable in my casa, I couldn’t even remember what shows I like to watch. Thank goodness Lane did the work for me with her Fall TV Preview.

These photos of San Francisco from the 1906 earthquake mashed up with photos from today are breathtaking. It’s crazy to imagine that much damage in a place that barely has a scar these days.


Here is some of our Instagram fun from this week. I am still playing #onefunthing over there (and also on Facebook and Twitter) and have loved seeing people join in! You can follow along at @crazy_bananas.

Gave the baby a chocolate ice cream cone. #onefunthingI live in #kansas (in case there was any confusion). #sunflower

I don't think I've ever been happier about a piece of school work. #iheartneil #spacecamp4lifeApparently Trent and I missed our calling as professional axe throwers.  (Mine are on the right of the board)

Elephant rides.Date night sake at RA #onefunthing

#reflectionTrying to get Tate over his rain fear by running in and out of it with Daddy. It worked :) #onefunthing

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