Happy Weekend!


I know it’s been kind of blah blah boring around this here blog lately, but one upside of being unable to write or create here has been I have more time to get back to reading all of my favorite blogs. I just love reading blogs. People are so awesome and I love the whole community of amazing people who share their stories, photos, loves, and silliness on the world wide web. I feel a kinship with them and their stories are my stories. Here are some of my favorite posts from the last few weeks:

The Three Levels, by Glennon at Momastery
I feel like this could totally change how I communicate with people. In a good way! I think some days I’m at level three, but probably I spend most of my time at level two…here’s to level three all the time!

A Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party, by Michelle at So Wonderful, So Marvelous
O.M.G. Michelle knocked it out of the park, and is it weird I want this for MY next birthday instead of for one of my kids? That’s normal, right? Totally. Okie dokie.

Taza’s New York City Guide: Upper West Side, by Naomi at Love Taza
I dream of NYC more often then ever these days…for whatever reason, whenever I’m feeling stuck in my own head, NYC is where my brain wanders. This video takes me to my happy place.

Fashion Friday: Inspiration, by Lane at Misc.
I love the idea of looking at the people whose looks inspire you, and then finding some common themes. I need to do this, for sure. I think I might be surprised at what I find! (Lately my wardrobe has been exclusively jeans, a button down plaid shirt/grey t-shirt/grey sweatshit, saltwalter sandals or grey tennies…I think I may need to punch it up a notch…)

The Turn Around, by Rebecca at Girls Gone Child
Oh, my heart. I can already tell the moment is coming when I’m not my child’s favorite person anymore, and I know it’s gonna hurt. Even though I understand it’s all part of growing up, I’m really not looking forward to it. Ooof.

To Tell You The Dreams You Have Really Do Come True, by Nat at Hey Natalie Jean
On the opposite end of the parenting spectrum, three-year-old boys really are the best, you know? And learning the words to Frozen is imperative to a good parenting regimen.

Read anything awesome lately? I’d love to find a few new reads!

Happy weekend, friends! May it be full of sunshine, an ice cream cone or two, headbands made of dandelions and fizzy drinks!

The View From My iPhone

A few photos of life as we know it, through my constant companion, the iPhone (lovingly named “Megan’s Boyfriend”)…life is overwhelmingly good these days.


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Happy Weekend!


Hi everyone! I’m posting this from fabulous Las Vegas, where I’m engaging in hilarious antics with four of the most awesome friends a person could ask for. Last night we celebrated the anniversary of my birth and today (after much greasy food consumption) we are headed to the Cirque du Soleil Beatles LOVE show. Did I mention how much I love being here with my four best friends? Oh man, I’m a lucky girl.

Here are some fun links to get you through your weekend:

– If you haven’t entered our awesome giveaway yet, there’s still time! I’m taking comment entries until Sunday at midnight (see post for more details).

– The Cool Mom Picks Pinterest Page is always full of great ideas, but their Halloween page has really stepped it up a notch. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Bring on the zombies!

– One piece of advice you wish you’d known in your mid-twenties.

– Design Mom’s annual “What to Wear to School” series has always been incredible. But now that she and her family are living in the French countryside, it’s gotten even better. Here’s what her daughter is wearing to 8th grade. (And yes, I’m coveting the wardrobe of a 13 year old.)

– Ben Folds Five is back! And they made a music video featuring the Fraggles. Best virtual birthday present ever (from a band that has never heard of me…DO IT ANYWAY!)

– I’ve been looking for a way to incorporate my Instagram photos into my home, and these stickies might be the ticket!

– I watched this documentary this weekend, and it was wonderful! I can’t wait to share more.

Deep dish, sun-dried tomato pizza…this is on my menu for next week!

Musical swings on the streets of Montreal. Lu would flip if we had anything like this near us. Such beautiful art.

– Have you heard of Anna’s Second Wind? It’s the story of an amazing woman struggling to breath through every day. I have tweeted and Facebooked this, but hadn’t posted it here yet. You should check it out.

– True love in only 22 pictures. (And an update here.)


Here are a few Instagram shots from our week. You can follow our fun over there at @crazy_bananas!

People that I #love.First grade girls playing #soccer = colorful socks

Vegas prep...and incidentally, the weirdest pedicure ever. Bodes well, I think.A Tater ghost.

Tater hops.Lucy has a singular objective when attending her cousins baseball games. Treats.

Chhhheeeessseee.Wine tasting at @laneodle's...I'd say we enjoyed them all :) #onefunthing

BRGR birthday lunch with my sister!The office just presented me with a wad of cash and birthday wishes. I am now crying. #awesome

Happy Weekend!

triplet birthday

Hooray, it’s Friday! Today is my niece and nephews’ 12th birthday, so I plan on prank calling them and posting endlessly to their Instagram feeds. That’s what annoying almosty-30-year-old aunts are for, right? We celebrated their birthdays last weekend because we’re all so busy this weekend we knew it wouldn’t work out to get together. We have soccer games and grandparents in town, and they have baseball, football and dance all weekend. (Just writing that makes me want to take a nap.) Regardless, I’m so proud of them and the little almost-teens that they are becoming. I’m a lucky aunt, I do declare.

Here are some fun links to get you through the weekend. I recommend reading with ice cream cake at the ready. Mostly because ice cream cake is awesome.

– Are you as excited for the premiere of The Mindy Project as I am? I watched the pilot on Hulu and immediately feel in love. I read Mindy’s book last year and loved every, single second, but I never realized that while the book was climbing the best seller list and her show was getting picked up, her mom was dying of cancer. This amazing article on Vulture was the first I’d heard of her personal life, and it just made me love her more. And cry a little too. Okay, cry a lot.

– Two of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo and Reagan Baker of Hairdresser on Fire, have teamed up to do a series of cute, little girl hair tutorials. First up, heidi braids!

– Lucy eats lunch at 10:45, so I totally relate to this article on Today.com. What’s with the early lunches, schools? And if you’re going to make the kids each lunch in the middle of the morning, maybe they should be allowed to have a snack during the day. Just a thought.

– Photographer Candice Milon put together this awesome collection of outfits from iconic films throughout history. I could figure out about 4…how many can you guess on first sight?

Things I Learned at the Democratic National Convention? “The best way to save your seat is with your giant, homemade American pride hat.”

Things I Learned at the Republican National Convention? “Mint Romney is a brilliant name for mint lotion.”

– Make someone happy.

This blog post had me in tears. And not just a drop or two…more like the Oprah ugly cry. All moms of kids 5 and under must read.

– Have you heard of Armommy? It’s a great website with pretty much everything you need, from meal plans to awesome printables to health advice. Score!

– Have you ever wondered what happened to Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez? Well, he’s a hot fireman now. No joke.

– Elise of the Elise Joy blog came out with new stamps this week! Snatch them up before they are gone! (And trust me, they will be gone quickly…)


Here are some Instagrams from this week. Follow our fun over there at @crazy_bananas!

Some new Dallas Clayton inspiration for my board at work. #onefunthingHalf mast at the ranch. #911 #remember

Tate begs for me to hold his hand while we're driving. He is such a sweet boy.Jammin.

Soccer girls in a pickup truck.Making happy things with my @elisejoy stamps.

Found this one wearing my floppy hat singing "Hello, I'm Megan and this is my beautiful dress..."Found these 3 hiding behind the trashcan, "spying on the teachers" at the Sonic school fundraiser.

Cleaning out my old planner...old life remnants.#rain

Happy Weekend!


Hello, Friday! You are looking super cute this morning. And after this short, dramatic week, I could not be more excited for the weekend. To all of you who read, commented, tweeted, liked or emailed me regarding my post from yesterday, THANK YOU! Your support means the world and it’s so wonderful to know I’m not alone, even when things are horrible. You all get a gold star.

As your reward, here are some fun links to get you through the weekend:

– Parents of twin babies on their first airplane trip handed out little favors to all the other passengers to apologize in case they were a nuisance. Such a good idea. I may have do this next time I fly with Tate, except I’ll pack the gift bags with mini bottles of whiskey.

– Photography tips for bloggers from Liz over at Say Yes to Hoboken.

– The iPhone 5 is coming next week!!! Ahhhhh!!! Here is what it will probably look like.

– The adorable Kristen over at Hey Paul Studios created an embroidery challenge on Instagram! Such a good idea! Now I just need to learn how to embroider something…

– This is some good internet.

– This video of ducks crossing a busy highway in Canada had me screaming at my computer screen. “No, baby ducks! Don’t die!!!!” (It has a happy ending.)

– Excited for Fall TV?! Well, me too, but with the loss of cable in my casa, I couldn’t even remember what shows I like to watch. Thank goodness Lane did the work for me with her Fall TV Preview.

These photos of San Francisco from the 1906 earthquake mashed up with photos from today are breathtaking. It’s crazy to imagine that much damage in a place that barely has a scar these days.


Here is some of our Instagram fun from this week. I am still playing #onefunthing over there (and also on Facebook and Twitter) and have loved seeing people join in! You can follow along at @crazy_bananas.

Gave the baby a chocolate ice cream cone. #onefunthingI live in #kansas (in case there was any confusion). #sunflower

I don't think I've ever been happier about a piece of school work. #iheartneil #spacecamp4lifeApparently Trent and I missed our calling as professional axe throwers.  (Mine are on the right of the board)

Elephant rides.Date night sake at RA #onefunthing

#reflectionTrying to get Tate over his rain fear by running in and out of it with Daddy. It worked :) #onefunthing

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