Four Years Old (WHAT?!)

Dear Lulu,

Today you turn four. FOUR. As in, FOUR YEARS. I know, right? I can’t believe it either.

I know back when you were a baby and we had all the time in the world (hahahahaha…sorry) I would spend hours writing these birthday letters to you. And now, you’re lucky if you get a post with an obligatory photo. Speaking of…

Birthday Girl!

Maybe it’s because now you’re getting to a point where you will actually remember these times. Right now your grandpa and grandma are staying at our house for a few weeks, and I told them recently that I remember going to the hospital to visit your grandpa when I was a kid. They told me I was four when that happened. And I remember it so vividly. Driving all the way to Topeka, going to the hospital, and then heading to White Castle afterwards for burgers.

Thinking of that really made me realize that the life you’re living right now, in this moment, could be remembered forever. I don’t need to write it all down, instead, you’ll be reciting the stories to me. The tales of how we went to Brooklyn and you worked in a garden there. Or how you played tag at school. Or how your daddy made you laugh and laugh. You remember it all, and sharing it is definitely one of your talents.

This last year was pretty uneventful for us, considering how eventful years past have been. We spent our first full year at our new house, tackling projects, building walls. You spend a good amount of time playing in your room, building forts out of all your books, taking care of your baby dolls, reading to yourself. But you love company. Like, LOVE it. You are already part of a little girl clique at school, and you spend most of your waking hours loving those kids. You have a boyfriend too, or so you claim, which is both worrisome and totally hilarious.

You have grown and changed, Lulu, but your personality has not been altered too much. If anything, it’s just been multiplied. You are dramatic, loud, excited, strong, smart, quick, clever, mischievous, funny and introspective. You get shy rarely, but when it happens it’s full on. You don’t do anything at a low level. Anger, happiness…it’s all expressed at a 10.

I am excited for this year Lulu, in ways I can’t even express to you yet. You’ll start Pre-K in the fall, and before we know it you’ll be in Kindergarten. Which, let’s face it, is totally insane. KINGERGARTEN! Holy moley. This year is going to be full of holy moley moments, but I’m certain you will accept it all with grace and charm, even if I have to bribe you with ice cream to get there.

I love you, wild girl. Happy birthday, to both of us.

Much love,

She's Four Today

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