Four Sweethearts


Anyone else find themselves saying “AWWWWWW!”

These sweet girls’ mama asked me to capture them with their adorable puppies as a keepsake. The pups are headed to go live with their grandfather, and they wanted to have some portraits done with them so the girls could look at the images and feel close to the puppies, even though they are moving away.

Did you just say “AWWWWWW!” again? Yep, me too.

Even though it’s not quite green enough outside for my tastes, I’m glad we were able to accommodate these adorable kids before the puppies left. Let’s have a round of applause for spring weather! Hooray! Hopefully, when the girls sneak a peek at these images, it will make them smile.


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  1. Lindsey Evans
    Lindsey Evans says:

    My favorite spring break trip by far was going to Tennessee! The winding roads mountain tops sunsets and little southern farms are to die for!!


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