Dear Lipstick, I Love You


Charlotte Ronson Lipstick/Lipstain in Lola.

I am a lover of lipsticks, but have never found one that didn’t look ridiculous 30 minutes after applying. I am drinking buckets of water all day and all the no rub versions either rub right off or leave me with weirdly lined lips with no color in the middle circa 1998. And let me tell you, 1998 wasn’t exactly a good year for fashion (jean shorts, docs and brown lips…anyone?), so I’m trying not to recreate that time period.

This magical stuff not only seems to stay on my lips for hours, it is adorably pink and fresh. I was told more than once how awake and pretty I looked, which let’s just say, isn’t a regular occurance. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been told I look “awake” in the last year, and three of those were last week while wearing this lipstick.

Go out and buy it right now. You can get it online here.

Someone Who Has Searched for the Perfect Lipstick for Years and Now That She’s Found It, Needs Something Else to Obsess Over, Like Maybe Figuring Out How to Take Self-Photos Without Looking Like a Total Dumb Dumb, or How to Grow Out Bangs Gracefully

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