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My day dealing with architects and bag salespeople was greatly improved by this.

Tonight expect another fun report. I’m babysitting SIX (yes SIX) children. FIVE of which are four-year-olds…I should be featured on Nanny 911! Now if only I had the British Accent and the fun frocks.

My Boring Life

I know the title of this entry is a bit depressing, but I’m about ready to rip my hair out because I am so bored! I’m sure things will pick up at work and be really exciting soon, but for now I’m not feeling to overwhelmed. Underwhelmed is more like it. The holidays brought a normal slow down in business, most people took vactions, but it was supposed to get wild around, well…now! Unfortunately, the arrival of some wintery weather is slowing everything down. Almost every office in the city seems closed today. So once again, I’m pretty much the only one at the office, just sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring…blech! In happier news, my good friend Abbie, my Euro-trip buddy, got engaged on New Year’s Eve. Her main sqeeze, Luke, is a good friend of Trent’s, so it will be a fun time for all. Now I’m in two weddings in the next year, and of course I’ll be attending a few others. Guess people were right when they said you hit this age, and it’s like a wedding every other day.

Merry Christmas to All

OK, so now it’s become blatently obvious that no one reads this page, but I am super-bored working at the front desk at work (the week before Christmas isn’t exactly big working week), so I’m writing anyway. Things have been pretty good lately. Jack is still at the kennel in KC, but the manager said he’s adapted well and is being sweet to everyone there. I’m glad because when I left him he was an unhappy puppy:( Things have been really busy for Trent and I the last couple of weeks. I’ve begun working full-time, covering for the administrative person who is about to pop out a baby any day now. Trent got a new job doing server work. His last day at the old job was last Friday, so he’s getting a bit of a Christmas break. We’ve been all over the place lately with work holiday parties, family get-togethers, etc., but it’s been a good time. His birthday is also this week and I’m giving him a dope-ass gift (but it’s a surprise, so don’t tell). I’ll let you know how he liked it in my next entry:) I guess that’s about it. Hope all is well with everyone and have a great holiday!

Keepin’ on, keepin’ on

Ciao tutti! Hope all is well for all three of you that may read this page. I have love for each of you (and a little bit left for those of you who never read this page, just in case you happen to stop by). Things are still busy here in KC. I’m still working at both the engineering firm and Baja 600…but I will be quitting Baja ASAP! I was offered a position filling in for someone at the engineering firm who is pregnant, and the position will last until her maternity leave is over (mid-March). After that I will hopefully get offered a permanent full-time position. Apparently Baja may be closing for most of the winter anyway, for renovations, etc., so the timing is excellent. I do have to work on Thanksgiving though:( Not too thrilled about that, but at least I know I’ll make a ton of money with everyone out to see the Plaza lights. Then I’m heading home on Friday for Thanksgiving with Trent’s family. I’m excited. I haven’t been home in over a month (a long time for me) and it’s always good to see your loved ones, especially when you’ve missed them so much. I’ve been going out more often, attempting to be social with some of Trent’s friends and some people from Baja. It’s hard because I feel so in-between! I’m not really old enough to be schmoozing on the Plaza, but I’m too old to be taking care of people who are puking at some shitty bar! Hopefully, I’ll find my nitch soon:) Anyway, love you all, and leave me comments so I know you’re still visiting this site! If not, then I may shut it down (the horror, I know).

An update

It’s been about a week and a half since I started my new job, and I love it so far. I’m enjoying getting up everyday for work and having a reason to get things done. I’m also still working at Baja, and having a good time making new friends and finally starting to be social in this big city. Trent found a little black lab dog in the road, and brought it home, so we’re dealing with that as well. He’s a total sweetie, but he’s has been extremely abused during his life and it took some time for him to trust us. We’re keeping him until his name comes up on the waiting list at a local low-kill shelter. Hopefully we can find him a good permanent home. Cali and Jack (that’s what we’re calling him) get along great and spend all day playing together, and I think she’s gonna miss him when he’s gone. Trent and I are doing better than ever. For the first time I truly feel like we are on the same path, and we’re both excited about what we’re doing. I also have grown extremely close to his mother, who has helped me get over some hangups with my own family. Having a positive female role model/mother figure in my life has really helped to fill some of the voids that have been holding me down. Good stuff…anyway, also wanted to tell anyone who reads this to check out Trent’s other website www.teamoftwo.com. This is a professional site for the two of us that has our resumes, bios, etc.

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