Uploading Bonanza

I know I promised a lengthy story about the wonder of my wedding day and the magic of being betrothed to my formerly bearded wonder, but if you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll know why I haven’t. The list of things to do, people to thank, rooms to clean, is about a mile long and I only have the energy to do one daunting task a night. Last night, it was uploading my sister’s wedding pics to flickr (as you can see on the right). I was going to do some great wonderful entry with a lovely photo of Trent and I staring into each others eyes as we jump into the snake pit that is marriage, but I was TOO DAMN TIRED!!! Now I see why pregnant women bitch so much about work. 9 hour days with no break leads to pregnant girl coming home, eating pizza and sitting on couch watching the WB. Last night I also finally began reading all these pregnancy books that are supposed to be my “bibles” for the next 6 months and found that I am the worst mother ever! How dare I skip breakfast or not take frequent breaks! My poor baby is going to be so screwed up!

So then I was crying and upset about how screwed up my baby was going to be and then I just didn’t have time to go through Flickr and rotate all the photos that were facing the wrong way or create a new group for them or write something fabulous on this site. Sorry. Get over it. Apparently, according to “What to Expect While You’re Expecting,” a pregnant woman’s body is doing more work when it’s sleeping than a man who is mounting climbing. So suck it! I’m tired!

But I promise, within the next few days the stories will come. Then you’ll probably want me to stop, but I won’t. Oh no, I won’t. And then, maybe you’ll feel bad about bugging me about pictures.

Holy fucking God, I’m married!

Yup, we did it! I’ll write more later when I have pictures and more time to say all I want. It was incredible. I love my husband, I love my family, I love my friends, I love chocolate. Really, not much has changed…thank you to everyone who was there. It truly was wonderful.

Thought I’d let you know

So today, after a long ass, horrible, sickening day at work, I came home to more drama and found myself on the back deck sobbing for 20 minutes. 20 minutes I sat out there with Molly sniffing my neck, probably wondering “What the fuck happened to this one?” I think I finally hit my breaking point where too much is too much and I physically can not deal with everything that is going on. RIght now I’m sitting here, contemplating whether or not I should do the work I brought home with me or just take my ass to bed.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I may not be writing much lately. I thought that maybe I could use some of you, my faithful readers (or reader, as the case may be) to post for me. Send me emails or your horrible and/or wonderful days and I’ll post them here. At least until I find enough sanity to think of something to write myself.

The Date

November 13th…I’m too lazy to call everyone, so hope you all read this.

I think my brain is about to explode with everything that has been going on lately. I am at the point where I am so sleepy and worn-out that I just stare at my computer at work and don’t really get anything done. Almost identical to what I did at my last job! Except this time I’ll try to avoid shoving dull pencils into my eyes.

Have I mentioned how much I miss my dear friends coffee and cigarettes?

I can breathe, FINALLY!

OK, so most of you probably know this already, and if you don’t, please don’t be mad at me because telling one person per day is emotionally tolling on my poor brain and body and heart, so that’s why I haven’t told you yet…anyways, there have been some big changes round here. First, Trent and I are getting hitched. I know many of you thought it would never happen, but it is. We’re very excited and can’t wait to be husband and wife, instead of boyfriend and girlfriend roommates who share everything and would be common-law married if Kansas wasn’t such a conservative state. Of course, it also makes us feel very old like we need to now be mature adults and cook dinner and watch PBS and read in bed. I have to let everyone know that THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN, and though we’re growing up rather quickly, we’ll still have our computer games (Trent), our fast food menus (me) and our constant fights about absolutely nothing (both of us).

To add some fuel to the fire, we also found out that we are expecting our first, hairy baby. We just know it will have webbed feet and a head the size of a planet. It was a complete surprise, and I’d just like to publically denounce the birth control pill. WRAP IT UP PEOPLE! The last few days we have spent crying, laughing, crying some more and making some really hard decisions. We are both so tired and drained…we’re stongly resembling zombies at this point. Our families are (mostly) being supportive of our decisions, save my father who I am so scared to tell I think I may have just wee’d a bit in my pants.

OK, that’s it. Wedding. Baby. Life. It all happens so quickly.

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