Space Camp Training Video

This explains so much…

Via the same person who made this and hung this poster up in my cube at work. She thinks I’m totally rad, I can tell.

The Triumphant Return of Space Camp Thursday

ISS Booty

Who says you can’t get any good booty at Space Camp?

Space Camp Thursday


Which button do I push to eject myself out of this nightmare?

Space Camp Thursday

Space Camp Oct 25

And you thought the guys at Space Camp would be dorky. I mean, come on. Great head of hair? Check! Obedient? Check! A posse of girls drooling all over him? Check! Body of a transformer with a creepy mannequin-head? Check, check!

Space Camp Thursday



Hello, my fans!

It is I, Megan. Future astronaut.

Please, hold your applause.

*Sidenote: Is that kid checking out my rack? Space camp pervs.

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