Born This Way

OK, so if you know me in real life, you know I CAN’T STAND LADY GAGA! And yes, that requires all caps and an exclamation point. I think she is basically an unoriginal hack who just does crazy things to be crazy. And it annoys me because she’s actually quite a good vocalist and I really don’t understand why she has all these gimmicks. Annoying!


I am willing to make an exception for “Born This Way.” Even though it does sound a lot like “Express Yourself” by Madonna. Because singing this song at the top of my lungs with Lucy is one of my new favorite pastimes. Luckily, there is a great Glee version so I don’t have to feel like I’m giving in to the Gaga Machine.

If I had a t-shirt in high school with something on it that I was insecure about, it would be “Space Camp Geek.” I was teased mercilessly about my love of all things NASA (and nerd-related in general), but now? Now I not only embrace my dorkiness, but love it! It’s one of my favorite things about myself. I was born this way, and this way is totally badass!

[Sidenote: Have you all been watching Glee lately? They are KILLING it! This last episode featured music from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album and holy crap…so good.]

Vintage Crazybananas: Further Humiliation (Attention)

At the request of my dear Abbie, I’ll be randomly re-posting some of my favorite past entries on this here website. When will I do this? Well, probably whenever I’m having a lazy blogging day (read: today) or whenever I spend a majority of my day mainlining Nyquil while attempting to wrap Christmas presents as my three-year-old smashes every ornament she can find (read: also today). This was first posted on July 5, 2007:

You think I like the attention, huh? Or else why would I continuously beat the dead horse that is my time spent at Space Camp. But no, I just keep writing about it. I first mentioned it here. Then here. And now…

Space Camp

Did I mention I was kind of slutty at Space Camp? Wheeeee!

Space Camp

You can tell I’m very upset the rest of my group did not inform me that we were all wearing our flight jackets that day. Seriously, dude, don’t even look at me! I’m hideous without my flight jacket!

Space Camp

Where do you go for awkward, sweaty hand-holding at Space Camp. A replica of the Apollo pod, of course! And boy, do we look pissed we were interrupted.

The Triumphant Return of Space Camp Thursday

Space Camp Recruit

A certain child’s preschool class lesson plan for the week is to learn about space and planets and the universe. And one particular parent is very happy her kid is so interested.

This must be what other parents feel like when their kid is interested in sports!

Art My Dad Could Appreciate

Light Beat from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

Light Beat is a light installation that tracks your heart beat through a heart rate monitor, which then makes the lights around you react to it. Visitors to the piece put their finger on a sensor, and then the lights react, tracking your heart rate. My dad the microbiologist doesn’t think much of art, but I think he’d love this.

via Kitsune Noir

*Sidenote: My dad does not, and has never worked for NASA. Despite what Trent may have told you. He used to send up experiments in space shuttles as a part of a grant his lab aquired, but he did not work for NASA. And also, my mom is not actually the CEO for QVC. That’s just a joke. So if you come up and ask me what my dad did at NASA and where my mom is located within QVC I will probably look at you like an idiot.

Nerd Herd Thursday

Remember back when I was waaaayyy more organized and I would have theme days? Like Space Camp Thursday? Well eventually I ran out of embarrassing photos from my tween years as a wannabe astronaut, but the geek doesn’t stop there. So in an attempt to try and make this site more interesting (as if anything could be more interesting, ha!), I’m going to try and keep my new theme going. Thursday is henceforth named Nerd Herd Thursday, and I’ll be telling you stories of dork-ness that only a good friend could appreciate. See, I just called you all my “good friends.” Don’t you feel special?! I think this theme day is going along swimmingly.

I got the idea for Nerd Herd Thursday theme day last week when I was spending some much needed alone time in my room. I flipped through my stolen cable TV channels and eventually settled on a movie of love and loss, family and enemies, giant oozing globs of fat that talk and extremely tall hairballs with legs. Yes, the old classic, Star Wars. In particular, The Return of the Jedi.

As I watched my dear Han Solo almost burn to death because the Ewoks thought he was a bad guy, but then C3P0 convinced them he was a God, well actually Luke made him levitate in a chair with his powers of the Force…..anyway……as I watched that, I realized I was probably the only 25-year-old female on the planet sitting in her bed watching Star Wars at 10:30 on a Tuesday night. I headed out to the living room to see if my husband was doing anything less dorky.

Um. No.

He was watching a two-hour special report on the Large Hadron Collider that was just started up last week in Geneva.

The what?!

Yeah, that’s what I said too. So he sent me the following video to explain it. Note, please turn your speakers up for this one, lest the true nerdiness not absorb into your soul.

Yes, a rap about colliding particles. Thus the conclusion of the first ever Nerd Herd Thursday….you’re welcome.

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