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Sunflower Fields Forever

There is a little spot in the Kansas City area that is completely breathtaking for a few weeks in the late summer and early fall. This amazing sunflower field west of the city blooms every year for about two weeks, and provides gorgeous views that evoke everything I love about living in Kansas. It’s picture […]

CB Reads : Summer’s End Update

  Last summer I was a reading machine! I pretty much turned off the TV and computer, and spent most of my summer with my nose buried in a book. It was heavenly. This summer was a bit more hectic than the last few, as I started my own business, traveled more for work, and in […]

Senior Session : Brandon

Senior sessions are becoming some of my favorites! There is something really incredible about meeting and working with kids that are almost grown-ups. While it feels like with every generation, adults start complaining about the youth (those kids today!), I am in awe of the teenagers and young people I get to work with. They […]


The day is FINALLY here! Today Tate went back to preschool (it’s only a two-hour first day back, but I’ll take it!) and Lucy has been in school for about two weeks now. While I’m thrilled to get back to our normal daily routine, there are definitely some challenges getting back into the grind. I […]

A Note From the Trenches of Motherhood

Oh, hey there friends! Is everyone doing okay? Keeping your heads above water? The last few weeks have been overwhelming and awesome. There are days when I am so, so grateful to have a flexible work life so I can be with my kids when they need me, and days when all I want to […]

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