Another Post About a Show for High Schoolers (with bonus aliens!)

Have you guys been missing my pop culture posts around here? I mean, lately it’s been pretty serious up in Crazybananas land with all sorts of immense growth happening on the homefront, and since I write about life and all it’s little missteps around this blog, that’s been the majority of the content lately. But I promise, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been indulging in the greatest of all of my loves, horrible sci-fi television. Which could be easily translated to amazing sci-fi television, depending on who you’re talking to. And if you’re talking to me, well, it’s AMAZING!

My newest favorite thing is the CW show Star-Crossed, which is ridiculous (read: AMAZING) as they come. You all remember my undying love for the early 2000s WB show, Roswell, right? Well, Star-Crossed is like an updated version of that, but since it takes place 10 years in the future, there is less glittery eye makeup, hot sauce, Snapple and low-rider jeans. (Michael, I will always love you and your glorious mullet most of all.)


Star-Crossed has got everything that makes for a perfect teen sci-fi show. Or, you know, a teen sci-fi show that 31-year-old moms watch. Whatever. There is great music, a hot alien boy, a couple of cute side stories and a Romeo and Juliet-style love story at the center. The actors aren’t too shabby either, with veterans from some of my favorite shows (Friday Night Lights, 90210, Dollhouse) in leading roles. It reminds me a lot of The Vampire Diaries when it was in it’s early years, with a little bit of classic CW flair thrown in (I haven’t seen a Dawson-style ugly cry yet, but we’re only on episode four…fingers crossed!) Will this show save the world? No. But Jesus, stop being so serious and get over yourself already! Embrace the fun! And drama! And aliens! Especially the aliens!

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