Why I Don’t Have Time to Post…


Every day I’ve been trying to fight the summertime working mom “guilt” (I hate that word, boo!) by doing some summery activity after work. I pick the kids up from daycare and then we’re off to the pool or sprinklers or baseball games or somewhere else where I can take photos of them so someday they can look back and feel like they had a good summer. Or maybe it’s so I can look back and feel like I gave them a good summer. Either way, we’re hot, tired and satisfied. Posting may be light for a while as we get our summer routine going and I wrap up some big projects at work, but I’m sure you all understand. Instead of reading, you can just get outside and soak up some sun, like we are. Just remember, SPF 50+ for us pale, freckled folk!

(You can follow me on Twitter (@Crazybananas) or Instagram (@Crazy_Bananas) for real time updates of our summer fun!)

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