What I’ll Miss

The other day I saw this article from a few years ago, and it really resonated with me. Before Nora Ephron’s death in 2012, she wrote this list of things she would and would not miss from this world (she had been suffering from cancer for a number of years before her passing). I’ve posted her list before, but this time around, I decided to put together my own list. There are so many beautiful and incredible things in this life, I feel so grateful to experience them all. And on the other hand, some things are just super dumb, and I most definitely will not miss them at all.

Headed to the farm, so I had to bust out my H&M wool hat like the fake cowgirl I am! #poser #dontcare #seriousfsce #selfie #cowgirl #kansas

Things I Will Not Miss
24 Hour News Channels
Angry People with Facebook Accounts
Blame and Shame in All of Their Forms
Holding My Tongue
Freezing Rain (also Hail)
Alarm Clocks
Traffic and Commuting
Smart Phones, Access to Email Everywhere

Things I Will Miss
Lulu’s Laugh
Tate’s Bunny Smile
Trent’s Bear Hugs
My Journal, Writing in General
My Camera
The Sun’s Rays on My Face
A Cool Rain
Snow Days
New Hats
Long Phone Calls
My Cup of Tea Before Bed
New Year’s Eve
Twinkle Lights
Holding My Breath Underwater

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