Wentworth Miller is the new Jake Ryan

The dog and I just spent our evening with Fox Primetime-Desparate Housewives First Season, a bottle of wine so fucking cheap that it has a screw on lid, and 40 media kits to be stuffed with anything anyone would ever want to know about a certain subject that I won’t mention because I would like to avoid getting fired. Though Professor Molly McGoo is quite the expert at licking her private parts and squirming her way onto the lap of anyone who may breathe in her general direction, she is not very proficient at stuffing media kits. I think it may be the fact that she has no fingers.

Anyway, after minimal help from Molly, I have finally completed the stuffing of the kits. The wine bottle is empty. I do not remember why I began this post. I’m sure it had a profound purpose.

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  1. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    Hello there crazy! It was good hanging out with you this weekend, I took off with some of your stuff, but I’ll be sure to return everything as soon as I possibly can! I have kind of a hellish week so my cell phone is taking a break so that I can try to get my focus on the correct things in life…of course your website snuck it’s way in there! Anyways…the library is my new best friend after receiving another C on a test I figured it was time to actually study. So wish my luck on my endeavor…oh yeah NSYNC is hoppin on the iPod! Well gotta jet 🙂


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