Vintage Crazybananas: Racin’ Baby

As I get back in to the swing of writing, I’ll be randomly re-posting some of my favorite past entries on this here website. When will I do this? Well, probably whenever I’m having a lazy blogging day (read: today) or am covered in ten sheets of wrapping paper and ribbon. I went back to my December 2006 archives looking for some hilarious post about our first Christmas with Lucy and I found this video instead. And then I cried. And laughed. And remembered how often that poor kid rolled right into the fireplace. I’m amazed she’s lasted this long. This was first posted on December 1, 2006:

New (updated, yes it works now) video of Lucylu rolling across our living room floor into our fireplace. And no, I did not roast the baby…

Music by Cake.

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