This is a post about Anna Banana

Sitting on the steps of the duomo in Florence, waiting to for the rest of the group to arrive. Not realizing that this was the most amazing meeting place on the planet.

Il Duomo at Night

The train ride through Tuscany to the beach.

Anna al Lago di Garda

That first night in Florence, when we went for a walk in the rain and two young, Italian guys in full suits ran by us, stopped and said “che bellissima” and kept running.

Anna Waits Patiently

Throwing up outside of bars and being called idiot americans.

Our Last Thursday

Our matching tube tops.

Professore Mario

You teaching me about art.

The Baptistry Ceiling

The bartender at Dolce Vita that turned out to be extremely short and hid it by standing on a platform behind the bar.

On the Way to Cooking Class


A Windy Evening

Riding home on the back of mopeds in the middle of the night.

Atop San Michaelangelo

Trips to the market to buy expensive beer because we missed home.

Il Centro

Trips to the cigarette machine down the street.

Bad Italian Habit

Smoking on the balcony overlooking the city with our fashion school roommates.

Bella Anna

I miss you, Anna Banana. Happy birthday. I hope Japan is as wonderful as Italy. And I hope you’ve found everything you were looking for.

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