“The Grumples” Explained

1. When you’re in a bad mood and you can’t figure out why, you may have a case of the grumples.

2. When you’re at work and you just want to cry, you may have a case of the grumples.

3. When your boyfriend says you’re acting silly and rolls his eyes and you FREAK OUT and turn into the psychopathic, crazy, fanged, PMS woman…you may have a case of the grumples.

4. When you realize you owe $500 in taxes even though you made a total of $10,000 last year and you were a student, you may obtain a case of the grumples.

5. When you then realize that your car needs $1200 in repairs, then look out! Here come the grumples.

There are only 3 known cures for the grumples.

#1 – Watching Sixteen Candles while drinking bottles of red wine and crying, “How could they forget her birthday??? Those bastards!”

#2 – Getting drunk with your significant other and dancing around the apartment until the autistic kid who lives downstairs bangs on the wall.

#3 – Go out with best friends and perform the “Thriller Dance” at local bar/pub while onlookers cheer (or were they just laughing at us?) Tip: This only works in Manhattan.

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2 replies
  1. The Mara
    The Mara says:

    Well…don’t you have a lot of time on your hands!?!?! Just joshin ya! Well, I hope those grumples have flown far far away by now! Your cures are perfect, but you have to remember that they only work if you want the grumples to go away. Who in their right mind would not want to have something called the grumples!?! I am still totally into that word! I am making myself some dinner and then going to sit down for awhile, then I will be taking a walk down to aggieville to go tanning, missing The OC (hopefully, this is the only time you will hear me say this, it is not new! I’ll be recording it anyways!) 🙁 But I can deal, right!? Anyways….my rice is waiting….kisses my darling!

    The Mara

  2. Mikayla
    Mikayla says:

    Hey Megan,

    Well Thank God I was introduced to your site today. It seems that everyone but me was smart enough to stay home today, not only is it the day after cinco de maio, but it is also going to be a georgeous day. So I am lonely in the office wearing a ‘dead of winter’ outfit and reaking of perfume samples. All thanks to a night on the floor at Megan-n-trent’s, which was actually quite comfortable.

    It does seem from this site that blonds do have more fun. I should consider it…..I love your pictures-keep adding more!

    I am staring out the huge ‘stright out of the movies’ windows on our 12th floor office, onto the fountain courtyard at crowncenter. They are setting up for some Fiesta 2005 and I’m not sure what that means exactly. I want to know and no one here seems to know, nor are there any helpful fliers. I will try the net next. Do you know?
    I just tried to call in for the ‘high/low’ jackpot on KUDL (cuddle-boring office music) I got in on Monday but was too low with $1224.81. This is how exciting my office can get. Calling in to cuddle with Jack (straight from Will & Grace). Parden the pun.
    I have a few more things to add to your list of the grumples:

    I prefer to watch Crossroads when depressed but it requires two glasses of wine before I start it and another bottle for the rest of the movie. Britney can be entertaining, but you must have wine to tolerate Brit when grumpy.

    Something that always gives me the case of the grumples would be when my bank charges me $25 since I deposited a large check and then went shopping. I aparently used over $100 which is over the limit if spent it in less then 24 hours before the check cleared their bank. Are you kidding me! I think my mattress might be a more productive account for my hard earned money. BTW I have earned my $16 for this hour playing on your blog.

    Thanks for the hospitality last night. The house is perfect and your neighbor plan is really working out!

    Alos-Trent is very impressive in the morning, as we were leaving Trent yelled to Heath “Heath, whats the plan? Lets drink some beer” It’s a good think the boy is still 22/23 – he still appears ‘cool’.


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