The Girls Trip 2012 Playlist

It’s still birthday week here at Crazybananas! In fact, let’s just assume it’s going to be birthday week this entire week, okay? I think that should save us all a bit of time. If you’re a longtime reader of this here weblog, you might remember a few years ago when I went on my first ever girls trip with my best friends to Destin, Florida. It was pretty fantastic, except for the fact that I found out two weeks before I was pregnant with Mr. Tater Tot…which was wonderful! But, oh man, my first ever girls trip and I’m pregnant? Anyone need a designated driver? Womp womp.

Well, this Thursday we are all headed out (on my birthday, squee!!!) for the second annual girls trip, this time in fabulous Las Vegas. There shall be debauchery. Oh, will there ever be debauchery.

(Hilarious sidenote: We were posting about said trip on Facebook and one of our wonderful mom’s pointed out that we were going to be so cute, running around Vegas in our sparkliest outfits…and that’s when we realized any guy that hits on us will be bombarded by photos of our nine (NINE!) children. Talk about a buzzkill…)

In honor of our upcoming trip, I’ve been posting songs to the Crazybananas Facebook page that make up our “Girls Trip Soundtrack” and I thought it would be a good idea to post the entire enchilada right here, for your listening entertainment. Let’s party!!!


(P.S. Some of the songs are not suitable for work, so you might want to wear headphones. They are, however, very suitable for getting drunk with your best friends whilst wearing an abundance of sequins.)

Girls Trip 2012 by Crazybananas on Grooveshark

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