Resolution Update: I’m on a Horse

From age 7 to about 12 years old, I was an avid hunt seat horseback rider. I spend most summers, early mornings and evenings at a stable outside of town, learning every aspect of horse care. I have to admit, I was pretty lucky. For every girl who falls in love with horses as a kid, I bet there aren’t many who actually get to live out their dreams of riding, especially on a daily basis. When I started junior high, I had to choose between continuing my riding career (which would take up most, if not all, of my free time) or participating in extra curricular activities through my school (drama club, sports, etc.). I ended up choosing the latter, which was definitely the right choice for me, but I’ve always missed riding.

In college I was lucky enough to find a job as a companion to a young lady who had Asperger’s Syndrome and rode a therapy horse. I was in charge of taking her riding, and in return, the family allowed me free access to the stable and her gorgeous mare.

Since college I’ve ridden here and there, on trailrides in Colorado or with friends, but for the most part, I haven’t had the chance to get in the saddle. So as part of my 2012 resolutions to be furiously happy with my life (hat tip to the Bloggess for the term), I decided to find a stable and sign up for lessons. I was so lucky to find a ranch right by my work, and every other Friday I sneak out and ride for a half an hour. It’s been challenging, as this ranch specializes in the breed of Morgan horses that requires a style of riding WAAAAYYY different than my hunt seat experience, but I’ve loved being back. It seems silly, but finding something that made me happy when I was 10, and doing it again, really does make my life a more joyful place.

Now, without further adieu, a video of me sort of sounding like a jackass, but mostly being super excited to ride again. Major credit goes to the horse I rode that day, Miss Buffy, and my amazing instructor Nicole, who is cute as a button and is always super encouraging, even though after three months she still has to show me how to hold the reins correctly.

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